2017 04 02 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Necrom Revamp (LondonRook/TemplarTribe)
  • NPC claims, including Andothren's current status
  • Further Discussion of House Redoran (Faction page overhaul)
  • Interior merges
  • Foul Murder
  • Ranks and Hierarchy

Meeting Summary

Foul Murder

As we will want to move Foul Murder to implementation as soon as possible, please take a look at the questline and help fill out the remaining plot holes, chiefly currying the favour of Boethiah and Mephala, the alternate Imperial Oracle route to acquiring the ringlets, and the ringlet involving the now depowered machine that powered the ghostfence.

Necrom Revamp

LondonRook has been commissioned to redo Necrom as a personal project for TemplarTribe. TemplarTribes intends to offer the result to Tamriel Rebuilt to use if we so desire. Whether we will be able to use the work is something that remains unclear.

This raised the problem of how to deal with commissions for Tamriel Rebuilt.

  1. To what degree can any individual person contract help from outside in the name of TR?
    People are naturally free to do with their money/time what they want, but TR is not obligated to incorporate whatever comes out of it. And commissioning something that doesn't get included just seems like a waste all around.

  2. Where we do pull the plug on "in the name of TR" as far as lead devs are concerned? Old TR was rather strict, things are going a very informal route right now. We might need to find something else in the short to medium term.
    There is no consensus on this yet.

  3. How do we enforce #2?
    There is no consensus on this yet.

NPC Claims

Here’s the rough (ideal) process of CS implementation: 1. exterior claims are created for an area, 2. interior claims are created for that area, 3. they're merged together into section files, 4. the section files are fixed up, (ideally mostly border matching, but with the current files the reality is different), 5. the section files are NPC'd and get quests, and 6. then are merged into TR_Mainland along with border matching where the section file meets TR_Mainland, and then we 7. all get a drink and call it a day.

Dialogue, NPC and quest planning can begin much earlier, but important quests and NPCs aside a lot of decisions and creativity should ultimately be left to the one implementing them in the CS.

As far as an interior or exterior developer coming up with ideas for NPCs to populate the interior, the preferred solution that was discussed was adding a feature by which the developer could flag the claim as containing an NPC idea, so that the NPCer would be able to find it.

More general quest and dialogue ideas should be posted as asset entries with the relevant filters.

Temple Hubs

Necrom would be a Temple quest hub for all things related to the Sacred Lands, Necrom, and the transportation of Dunmer remains to Necrom. Any function beyond that remains to be seen.

Akamora (later to become Umul) will be a Temple hub for the Mephalan Vales at the very least.

Almas-Thirr will be a Temple hub for all things Thirr River Conflict related and probably Aanthirin in general.

Almalexia will have the Temple headquarters.

The other quest hubs remain to be seen.