2017 04 09 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Further Discussion of House Redoran (Faction page overhaul)
  • Interior merges
  • Foul Murder
  • Ranks and Hierarchy
  • Tribunal Temple and its environs
  • Ascadian Bluffs (Region Template)

Meeting Summary

Most of the meeting was made up by discussing the Redoran Handbook page and how it resembles their in-game implementation.

A long detour was given to the idea that Ald Skar (the giant crab) was originally placed on the island where the current Redoran Council House is located, and was moved (back to) Ald-Ruhn this decade, with the Redoran moving their capital. The Council House would have been built in its place.

The discussion was by and large inconclusive, but problems with logistics and the devaluation of the Council House mean that this passage is probably not going to last. On the other hand, Ald Skar moving from and to Ald-Ruhn would add a sense of grandeur and magic that TR by and large lacks.

Futher Redoran discussion points:

  • Not clan-based, but family based, with marches and the large house identity doing away with minor houses
  • Velothi with stronger family ties, more aggression and a mission
  • Modern identity is that of heavily armed defenders without a cause