2017 04 23 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Opening up exterior claims (Knocker's Neck; what is still missing to open Thirr, Orethan)
    • Thirr Valley assets need to be assessed: textures and flora?
  • Roa Dyr and state of completion (NPCs, interiors, exteriors, purpose of the town in the lore)
  • Aeven wants to examine a possible makeover for the Alt Orethan region, and do research into what needs to happen with Almalexia, including the many completed interiors until progress halted in 2015.
  • Update various documents on the site
  • Finish reviews of various assets and get them into Tamriel Data (Add-on), and mark these as such in the Assets Browser.

Meeting Summary


Split western side of Aanthirin into ‘Hlaalu-Thirr’ file (area in green):


  • Update list of Aanthirin flora
  • It’s worth remembering that the primary idea for Aanthirin is to search-and-replace flora that doesn’t match the new colour palette, so deep and vibrant green flora like the ferns and MH plants. We need to ensure new plants fill roughly the same footprint as the plants they will be replacing to avoid placement errors.
  • the trees could still use bulb-like protrusions, perhaps more corkbulb-y horizontally banded textures and perhaps more optimized canopies, and the new ground textures could perhaps still be adjusted to tile less visibly. These are low priority changes.


Thirr Valley

  • Othreleth trees to be used sparingly alongside new ‘mangrove’ trees.
  • a general mixture of Othreleth, Aanthirin and perhaps unique flora.

Flora that could be included:

Taken from Kaziem’s narsis post:

(with appropriate colors)

  • Aanthirin ground textures with perhaps one or two additions
  • Retextured vanilla rocks


Knocker’s Neck

  • A small claim to replace the current Imperial pass with either a Redoran-controlled pass in the Redoran tileset that has a Buoyant Armiger presence or a Buoyant-Armiger-controlled Velothi pass which could have a Redoran presence.
  • Details can be found in this queue
  • The exact outline of the claim still needs to be figured out, and the cells need to be split off from TR_InDev.
  • A design claim can already be created for this where the details can be ironed out


  • The Almalexia discussion was mainly centered around planning progress on it. Opinions wildly diverged.
  • One thing is certain: at this time being, Tamriel Rebuilt is not capable, manpower-wise, of tackling Almalexia again. It needs to be focused on when the other issues (the backlog, documentation, the lack of developers, lead developers, and reviewers, the Deshaan, and Lake Andaram) have been mostly deal with or can run on autopilot.