2017 05 14 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Deshaan, who do what
  • Almas-Thirr Dialogue, good to go or no-go area
  • Indoril-Thirr, further problems: Roa Dyr, Felm’s Hamlet
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • More exterior claims east?
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Wiki, Nexus (Tamriel_Data needs images)
  • Roles/Responsibilities (you know what this is about, leads)


Meeting Summary


The sorry state of Felm’s Hamlet has melted Gnomey’s icy heart and he decided to take care of it the following week.

Maybe the last remnants of Drothil Estate will now disappear and the interiors that are not linked to the outside may or may not appear out of his hat.

As for Almas-Thirr, Parker is likely to go ahead and finalize it, after the planning problems are addressed.

Id Vano, formerly Seyda Vano, the Indoril Player stronghold, will have its scripts changed to “no-show” ones should it be in a position to be added to Mainland before the Indoril questline gets sufficiently worked out and the settlement gets a Nav Andaram-style planning session. Since Nav Andaram’s planning session also hasn’t happened yet, this will likely be discussed again in the future.

Roa Dyr, as an Indoril Chapel estate, is mostly tied to discussion in the relevant thread, but Gnomey might pretty it up a bit while he’s salvaging his Felms Hamlet mess, finishing his Almas-Thirr edits and tidying up cliffs.


TR’s Stance on Paid Modding

TR will not use work it knows to be paid for due to legal concerns.

If someone comes along and conclusively alleviates our concerns, we may consider changing that, but unless a convenient pro-bono lawyer and perhaps ethics advisor pops up it’s unlikely.


Andothren Lighthouse

While the precise purpose of the lighthouse will probably never be made clear to the player, it is not super powerful, but is able to send signals to the outer realms, and may have been used (among other things) to guide Yagrum Bagarn on his journey to the outer realms. It may or may not be able to mess with individuals in the outer realms to some degree as an extension of its abilities, (‘blinding’ or disorienting them in some way, perhaps to the extent of killing them), but the damage it can deal should be limited and of absolutely no threat to, for instance, the Daedric Princes.

The tower is inactive in relation to its true purpose (it used as a more mundane lighthouse), but when it is activated it tends to mess with people living nearby, and it may have been activated at point in the past. The Tribunal keep it around because they see a use to it.

The actual mechanism behind the tower need not be elaborated upon, but may involve manipulation of the earthbones.

TR;DR: It can signal into the outer realms, might have helped Yagrum to come back and it shouldn’t be super-powerful like the Heart of Lorkhan or Barilzar’s Mazed Band.

Dres Horak

What we need for Dres Horak:

  • Dres architecture set, at least complete enough to work with (not as if every piece will need to be used in Dres Horak, but the necessary pieces would be, well, necessary)
  •     Dres platforms: large, small and bay
  •     Dres councilhouse, silo, tradehouse, temple


  • Enough Dres clutter to sufficiently clutter the exterior of Dres Horak, which is where we are probably lagging behind a bit. General decorations like banners and such to liven up the walls of Dres Horak could be added later, strictly speaking.
  • We probably need the ‘pater noster’, though in the worst case that could be added later.
  • We may need at least some of the Salt Washes set, though perhaps the exterior entrance doesn't strictly need it.
  • I would at least like a clearer idea of how Dres Horak, the pater noster and the (main) entrance(s?) of the salt washes should be arranged. (sketch/map)
  • Other than that Dres Horak will need the terrain assets.

We do, however, probably have enough flora to work with.



Further exterior cells

A lengthy discussion was held over a claim in the eastern part, east of the Orethan delta.
Problems arose when it was brought up that TR_Mainland is entirely "up in the air" and no additional work should be done close to it, since it will need reworks of unspecific nature and effort, to the point where TR_Preview should be considered more finished than TR_Mainland.

A lengthy confrontation began, which has not been resolved yet.