2017 05 28 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Ebon Tower NPCs.
  • Faction Merge, what scope and how soon?
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Wiki, Nexus (Tamriel_Data needs images)
  • Roles/Responsibilities (you know what this is about, leads)



Foul Murder

The questline needs to have some problems cleaned up, as brought up by 6+.

It progresses too fast from having one ringlet to summoning Peakstar. Instead, an intrepid player would just talk to the Ashlanders they’re familiar with.


Several possible options:

  • The Ashlanders themselves don’t know all that much about the ringlets,
  • Simine does not want to have more Ashlander blood shed, so she discourages it.,
  • The Ashkhans are not willing to part with their ringlets, and killing them could be an insta-fail condition for the questline.

Erendal’s objections, based on the heresy, were questioned. There is assumed to be no difference between the Ashlander teachings (which have been legitimized by Vivec and the Progress of Truth) and whatever Alaundro Sul could tell them.

Finally, the mural is suggested to not add anything to the questline and should be cut. The cutscene of the Red Moment would suffice.

There is also a clear dismissal of the idea that the mural just keeps popping up, with questions as to why it hasn’t been moved to the Clockwork city if it can be controlled. It was alternatively suggested that the Tribunal painted it to remember the crime they committed, or to remember the crime they didn’t commit but people accused them of. The Nerevar Bonewalker paining it has moved from being a joke into a serious proposal.

All discussion points were inconclusive and divisive, with most of the involved leads not being around, and no reworking of the questline has been decided on.

Old Ebonheart

The discussion about Ebonheart NPCing (raised by Parker here) kinda petered out as the people who could discuss it for the most part weren’t around.

Several points were reiterated though:

  1. The quarantine was attempted and failed, the Legion NPCs should either be grimly aware of their lack of power projection, or fiercly blame everyone else,
  2. A topic that is going to be raised by P:C is that the province Legion heads are (after the Simulacrum) only paying lip service to the central government and have silently gone rogue,
  3. The Count of OE (installed by the Emperor) would rule the city and the Proconsul (installed by the Curia/the Elder Council) would take care of the day-to-day bureocracy. The Count would be trying to extend their influence (throwaway lines in dialogue might be enough) as they are feeling inadequate next to the powerful Counts in Cyrodiil, as Imperial titles in Morrowind are largely meaningless. The topic of Proconsulship should be discussed later on.
  4. The Lord General and entourage looks good to go.
  5. The Duke of Deshaan has been slightly tweaked to the name of Phyrios Hlaalu Matimus, a Dunmer born from an Imperial father and Dunmer mother in Cheydinhal. He might have a distant relation to Helseth, which is why some people thought the poor fool would fit in better with the natives.

Faction Merge

Generally, everything about the merge has been written down by Rot in his forum thread. Keeping the quests and faction membership merged into Mainland and Preview, and the questline changes to a new ESP (TR_Integration.esp?) seems to be the best choice.


Three factions were further discussed:

  1. The EEC can be implemented continent-wide as is, future questers will need to keep the Bloodmoon progression in mind and not tie their quests to faction rank.
  2. The Blades are in a bit of an awkward place. Merging the TR faction with the vanilla one doesn’t pose a problem, but turning them into an empire-wide faction might run into problems with P:C’s inevitable Blade questline. There’s also the idea to split the Blades into two factions: one for the spies (the vanilla faction) and one for the openly-serving members (Order of the Blades, Open Blades or similar perhaps).
  3. Every faction currently uses <x> Guild, without province indicator. This is in contrast to the same factions in Skyrim and Cyrodiil. It might be prudent in the future to rename the vanilla factions to use Morrowind <x> Guild (not an ID change, displayed name only), to be kept in the Integration.esp. Alternatively, the PT mods should redo their dialogue to use <x> Guild without the province quantifier. This will need to be discussed in the future, as per our Cross-Project Coordination policies.