2017 06 25 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Wiki, Nexus (Tamriel_Data needs images)


Meeting Notes

Roles and Responsibilities got taken care of off-meeting last week.


Old Ebonheart

  • The Orc ambassador is a Legion veteran and competent at his job. His primary role is to connect to the common Orc in Morrowind (who are Legion veterans) and only secondary to contact the crazy Malak cultists. Marakh-Bazhul will have its own ambassador from Orsinium, who is more focused on bashing heads in than silver tongues.
  • Further notes about Orsinium: while being in between an official province, region, and Imperial territory, it is not a single-city district: it contains one city (Orsinium) and two villages. Orsinium is allied to Wayrest, which is ruled by Elysana, an enemy of Helseth’s, further complicating contact between Imperial Orsinium and Imperial Morrowind.
  • Helseth might be trying to gain influence in OE, working through agents to bribe, blackmail or otherwise persuade Imperial officials to his cause. A particular “in” is the Hlaalu minister, who is hinted at at being subsumed by the bad side of the House. A twist on this might be that she’s actually aligned with the nominally-Hlaalu Helseth and trying to root out the “bad” elements of the house for him.

The Talos Cult

  • As per this thread, the Talos Cult is a broad organization with members across the Empire, especially in the Legion, and is generally not regarded as shady; if anything, the opposite is the case. However, specifically due to its size some divergent groups might exist within the cult, especially in places far from Imperial reach like parts of Morrowind.
  • In short, the Talos Cult of the vanilla questline is, as mentioned in in-game dialogue, not indicative of the Talos Cult as a whole, as this is one of the nine great faiths that are unified in the Imperial Cult. Care should be taken to emphasize that the anti-Emperor cultists are a radical splinter sect of a mainstream religion.
  • While most worship of the Nine Divines would be under the umbrella of the Imperial Cult in Morrowind, as with the Talos Cult above that would not always be the case. Especially in OE and along Morrowind’s western border, due to greater Imperial presence, worship could be more individualistic to a greater or (probably) lesser degree.