2017 07 09 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Handbook needs butter by the fish
  • External updates: Nexus (Rot did things, but Tamriel_Data needs images)

Meeting Notes

TES3MP Modpacks

We discussed the inclusion of TR in modpacks for TES3MP servers. (And in general) A few points came up:

  • Naturally, TR content should not be passed off as someone else’s work and should be properly designated. That appears to be the case already with the mod packs.
  • TR can’t realistically ensure that TR versions included in mod packs are kept up to date and are properly merged. The only downloads TR can vouch for are those linked in its download page. If problems arise with a version of TR downloaded from elsewhere, the problems may not lie with TR. It would be good to have disclaimers to that effect both on TR’s end and on the modpacks’ end.
  • A small number of assets in Tamriel_Data have restricted permissions. The TR parts not covered by additional restriction allow for redistribution in a modpack. The PT part does not. As such, permission can’t be actively given to allow inclusion of Tamriel_Data in a modpack.

Ascadian Bluffs

Region meeting template

Pictured alongside the Ascadian Isles.


First, quickly go over the current implementation of the region. This stage is about taking stock of what we have to work with.

  1. What does it currently look like: Ascadian Isles with more cliffs and rocks.
  2. What is in it. (Settlements? Whose?): an Imperial town and fort and the ruins of some sort of settlement.


What is the general purpose of the region? Why does it/should it exist?

  1. Ascadia was a fertile grazelands through which the Thirr ran. It was destroyed by the creation of the Inner Sea. The northern remnant shattered into a collection of islands, while the southern remnant was left with shear cliffs.
    The Ascadian Bluffs could explore how Imperials and Hlaalu interact and try and integrate Velothi.

  2. The Ascadian Bluffs are a low-level region, though perhaps a bit more difficult than the Ascadian Isles.
    The Ascadian Bluffs could be used to link plot threads from Vvardenfell, such as smugglers selling ash statues, to the mainland.
    Coastal fishermen living in Velothi cave dwellings may be turning towards smuggling.
    Despite its central position, the Ascadian Bluffs are surrounded by natural barriers, such as cliffs, and have largely been left undeveloped. Its ports do play a notable role in local shipping, and its main road provides a lengthy but safer alternative to caravans wishing to cross Roth-roryn.


What is the identity of the region? This stage is about establishing the general appearance of the region.

  1. There are a few Velothi in cave dwellings, Imperials in Teyn and Fort Ancylis, perhaps a small Hlaalu plantation/trade post in the west, replacing the small ruin with Dwemer walls.
  2. The Velothi have lived in the region for a long time. The Imperials had established a solid foothold in the region to control and further Inner Sea shipping, but are not able to keep smugglers in check after the loss of Fort Firemoth. As many farmers moved their farms to Vvardenfell once it was opened for settlement, the Hlaalu are starting to move in.
  3. The region was a grazeland, inhabited mostly by more-or-less nomadic Chimer clans. Some Dwemer existed in the periphery, and the Nords also established a base at Fort Ancylis.
  4. Chimer herded, Nords wanted to exert control over the Thirr and the local Chimer (and perhaps Dwemer), the Dwemer had a notable presence around Andothren with one or two small checkpoints beyond that.
  5. The region bulges out northwards from Roth-roryn and aside from a few small ports is barely inhabited.


What is the layout of the region? This stage is about discussing the implementation of the region in broad strokes.

  1. The region is already mostly implemented. It should get some Velothi cave dwellings and a small Hlaalu plantation in the west around the mouth of the Pryai, and perhaps a Velothi tower connected to a submerged Chimer stronghold (interior already exists) on the coast northeast of Kartur.
  2. A lot of players from Vvardenfell will arrive on the mainland via Teyn. From there, Andothren will probably be a common destination, and to a lesser degree Kartur. As it’s basically Ascadian Isles +, there is no strong incentive for players to explore off the beaten track. A fairly high density of misc wilderness quests, as existed in Ascadian Isles, could serve to get players to spend time in the region.


misc notes:

  • Smugglers with 6th House goods
  • Vodunius Nuccius: quest in Teyn, where his money ran out prematurely and he needs more? Or even eventually a series of quests that see him shunted southwards until he ends as a slave in Deshaan?
  • The TR_i4-414-Hla Velothi tower interior is slated to be replaced by an (already created) ancestral tomb interior. A new, ruined Velothi tower could perhaps be placed on the coast northeast of Kartur.