2017 07 16 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Region template meetings for Ascadian Bluffs, part II
  • The huge effort post/poll for TR1709
  • Nav Andaram, concept needed
  • Handbook needs attention

Meeting Notes

Nav Andaram

  • Rough stronghold phases:
  1. perhaps Velothi in one or two shacks who must be shooed
  2. player manor and wharf,
  3. small enclosed stronghold (as shown by Asylum) with small port, manor gains flanking towers (with individual interior cells),
  4. small town with larger port, perhaps with further building extension for the player manor,
  5. additional structures like fields, perhaps outlying towers, perhaps after the Thirr River Conflict is resolved?
  • Essential buildings: docks, fortifications.
  • Player customizeable: inner houses?
  • The manor grows by gaining additional interior cells, as opposed to staying the same size after it becomes accessible or having parts of it be blocked off and revealed through scripting

Small Enclosed Stronghold phase

Ascadian Bluffs

What changes need to be made to bring the exterior of this region up to date?

  1. Assets that should be used: 'new' cliff and ridge models, some Roth-roryn flora.
  2. No existing assets need to be modified
  3. No new assets need to be made. More Roth-roryn flora is always possible, but not needed.
  4. Additional CS works would include:
    • toning down cobbled together ‘cliff’ formations or replacing them with the cliff and ridge models,
    • adding any new flora models (eg. shroom tables) esp. in the south.
    • Fixing up the roads (the main Ascadian Bluffs road should have a main road texture, and some roads that end upon leaving Roth-roryn need to connect to the main road).
    • Adding Velothi cave entrances and a small Hlaalu plantation/trade post at the mouth of the Pryai and a ruined Velothi tower northeast of Kartur to use a pre-existing interior.

 What sort of interiors would this region have (caves, tombs, etc), and in what proportions?

  1. The region should get the interiors mentioned above; a few Velothi cave dwellings, the Velothi tower interior that has already been made and the interiors for the Hlaalu settlement.
  2. Otherwise, it's fine as-is. There is probably room in the West for a grotto, cave or the like if desired.

 How many of each type of interior are needed?

  1. 3-5 Velothi cave dwellings
  2. probably 1-3 buildings for the Hlaalu settlement, tending towards the lower number. (Manor, slave hut, maybe additional building).

 Guidelines for the appearances of the interior (tileset, assets to use/avoid)?

  1. Hlaalu plantation should probably be relatively poor and spartan, but has slaves. Velothi caves dwellings should also be hard-up, with hints of smuggling activity.

 Brainstorm/start a thread on the forums for “blurbs” for the interiors

  • Some ideas are already listed above and in the last summary (Velothi turned smuggler). Further development should happen in the New Claim Proposals thread