2017 08 13 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda


Meeting Summary

Status Update Fallout

Nothing in particular noted so far, if anyone finds anything, do bring it up.


We more or less summarized various tools for reaching out to people at our disposal:

  • OpenMW’s multiplayer is often used with TR, which has gotten TR some recent attention
  • there have also been a few interviews, as with DarkElfGuy
  • various TR content that can be posted externally, like new models and concept art, also the possible blog functionality
  • TR videos and streams, if anyone has time to make them
  • in general, updating our external content, ie. Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube… there has been some interest again here, thankfully.

As far as goals are concerned, making clear how low the barrier to entry for contributing to TR actually is still seems like a priority, (at this point, simply joining the forum is the main hurdle, and/or Discord; everything else can develop from there over time).

MinerMan had the idea for an “Introduction” page on the website, intended to be people’s first  stop when going to the website. It would be obviously linked on the main page, so it can’t be missed (in between the header and the rotating link/picture). “Want to help with the project? Check out the Introduction page for what to do!” The page would explain the basic workflow of the project, what needs doing. It would also say how to become a developer for the project and explain how showcases work, alongside relevant links to tutorials.

Gnomey had the idea of a short introduction video to serve as the channel introduction for TR’s youtube channel, which contain a short introduction to TR and methods of contributing to the project as well as links to relevant pages on the forum (Modders wanted…)

Imperial Cult

General themes:

First, establishing the 'norm' as opposed to Morrowind's weirdness, through interaction with Dunmer, eg. attempted conversion.
Later, establishing the weirdness within IC's membership and general 'outlander' worship.

In some ways the IC pulls the player out of Morrowind, looking more closely at the outlanders, and in some ways act as a threshold to the other province mods, which explore their respective cultures in more depth and, well, weirdness.

More detailed ideas were discussed (expanding on NathanJ’s ideas with a god-led/liberal spectrum and a puritan/radical spectrum, the former establishing the intensity of IC activity in Morrowind and the latter whether the IC becomes a more unified faith or remains a looser cover organization for divergent faiths, for instance) and noted down by NathanJ.

September Release

  • Modified Orethan Delta
  • Travel tweaks (Bal Oyra Siltstrider, Gah Sadrith shipmaster moved to their own file)
  • Bugfixes
  • Removal of deprecated books
  • Inclusion of new Tamriel_Data assets, roadsigns moved to Tamriel_Data with fitting IDs
  • Several cities in TR_Preview have interiors merged (Kartur, Arvud, Menaan, Vhul, the Felms hamlet)
  • Aanthirin palette-swap in progress
  • Old Ebonheart nearly ready for TR_Mainland: new Ebon Tower, more interiors, first three quests
  • New Ordinator-in-Mourning scripts and voices (by MorrowindShorts)
  • Faction Integration

Mephalan Vales and the Valley of Mephala/Shambalun Veil

We will aim for a third and final decision on this region by next meeting. The question is whether the Valley of Mephala should be retained as a mini-region within the Mephalan Vales with the name Shambalun Veil or not.

For the current quest and dialogue implementation to work, the Shambalun Veil needs to always be foggy and be a distinct location.

Possibilities to explore: Mephalan Vales always being foggy, alternatives that keep Shambalun Veil foggy without being its own region, changes to the quest and dialogue that remove the necessity of a distinct mini-region.