2017 08 20 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • September Release
  • Shambalun Veil
  • NPCing


Meeting Summary


September Release

  • Possible short release video
  • Ideally the faction merge, but that may have to be pushed back to the March release
  • Indoril-Thirr ideally turns orange, and the settlements get tidied up, among other things.
  • Widened Veloth’s Path in Indoril-Thirr, possibly in other files as well
  • Assembling unified changelog after the cut-off date (whenever that will be)
  • If time runs out, the Faction Merge should be first on the chopping block and be rescheduled for immediately after the release, so that it can be done in March.

TR Introduction Booklet/’Game Manual’

  • Discussed earlier in the 2017-03-05 Meeting
  • Maybe set up an asset entry so that various people can contribute?
  • Probably won’t be ready for March release, so may only need to be done by next September, if we decide to coordinate with releases.

Veloth’s Path

  • Veloth’s path will be widened, and will use its current (in the section files) MH texture for now.
  • Changing the textures in TR_Mainland to a consistent one might be done without much further editing (September/March?).
  • When the path in TR_Mainland eventually gets widened, Necrom’s main causeway might be moved south, leading more or less directly to the Temple courtyard.

Veloth’s Pilgrimage

One of the last quests and the last pilgrimages for a Temple character: retravel the Path from west to east. Alongside the way, little shrines (the sound shrines?) would need to be activated (with flavour text/spirit whispers) to move the pilgrimage along. Fast travel options should be disabled during this time (not magical, NPC travel services only).

Shambalun Veil

The discussion about the Shambalun Veil, the old Valley of Mephala that was removed as a mini-region with the move to Tamriel_Data and TR1609, compared various proposals:

  • re-add the mini-region, now called “Shambalun Veil”, which was added in T_D v04 with a 100% chance of fog
  • add fog activators to the region
  • do not add a mini-region or named cells at all, and change dialogue to refer to “the hidden valley”
  • extend 100% fog to all of the Mephalan Vales

The compromise position we ended up with is to add fog activators to the vale, change the dialogue to refer to a “hidden valley dedicated to Mephala” instead of the “Valley of Mephala”, but keep the region intact.
With T_D v05 the Mephalan Vales should be set to So Clear 5, Cloudy 10, Foggy 40, Overcast 25, Rain 10, and Thunder 10.