2017 09 03 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • NPCing
  • More September Release?
  • Narsis? Maybe?

Meeting Summary

September Release

On track. Current timeline:

  1. Get work on TR_Mainland, TR_Factions and TR_Travels done by next week, with additional edits to OE
  2. Public RC next weekend, with whatever's there
  3. 2 week period like last time, long enough to fix last-minute bugs and start typing out the release announcement and whatever else we need
  4. Release in the last September week.


For future NPC claims, writing of the dialogue should be done through Google Docs or similar to be reviewed.  

A general problem has been identified: the old forum was entirely thread-based, so NPCing claims were handled within their own threads on a bottom-up basis and merged back when finished.

 As this is no longer possible, several suggestions were made:

  • Edit section files directly,
  • Cut/copy NPCing claims (or a similar thing) into their own ESP and post them on the website for claiming and editing. Referencing the claims that were originally merged into them can be handled via parent/child claims
  • Editing section files directly is a good measure for dungeons and small interiors, like isolated huts. Settlements (or large cities) will need to be handled differently.  
  • Gol Mok had an existing NPC asset, so will be the first testbed to see how directly editing/merging with section files works. Mort’s asset has subsequently been put up for review.
  • Menaan will be the second testbed and have its own cut-out NPC claim (most likely a Quest-type claim) that links to the interior claims that had extensive planning on NPCs. It will be suggested to create dialogue first in a google doc and then only after it has been okayed put it into the claim file.


There needs to be Map7 scripts, global readouts.
Having both Shipal-Shin/Othreleth Woods and the Deshaan/Salt Marches/Arnesian Jungle in one region was not a good idea.