2017 10 08 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Readying Andothren for NPCing--what problems need to be solved.
  • Whatever happened to the OE sewers?
  • Talos Tower -- what needs to go in the interior for the Ebon Tower bell tower?
  • Necrom basement - somebody needs to do something to get it in-game in time for Foul Murder.
  • Several books need reviewing and an ESP. Whogunnadoit?
  • The cookie problem - PC does not contain cookies, TR does, and it's not clear if they are intended to be "mainsteam", which PC made clear they won't be. Moving TR's cookies to a "Biscuit" name and new mesh would help solve the problem, but there's some letter and a quest with cookies.. Saint_Jiub and Infragris know more about the problem.
  • An appraisal of Marahk-Bazhul development on PT (#cross_project channel)? There's some rather large divergence on ideas about how it should look like. Might need Gnomey for this as well.


Meeting Summary


There are still some issues with Andothren’s in-game implementation that need to be sorted out before Andothren’s NPCing can be properly carried out. Notably:

  • Andothren is lacking in manors, both for Hlaalu members and outlanders.
  • A western harbour was also planned for Andothren, which has not been implemented.
  • The Temple interiors is questionable places and should be changed from a Temple dedicated to Veloth to one dedicated to Almalexia.
  • Some interiors also need to be shuffled around so that the layout of the city is more coherent, and some interior and exterior errors and omissions need to be addressed.
  • The nearby Dwemer ruin needs tweaks to its interior and exterior, as well as the new lighthouse asset which needs to be completed.

What can already be done, however, is gathering the Andothren NPCing discussions from the Andothren Section File subforum in the forum archives. Dialogue can then start to be implemented as far as is possible, until the necessary changes are made to the city in the CS.

OE Sewers

  • Reviewable version here

Necrom Basement

  • sirrah has been doing excellent work here


  • … and here


  • The cookies should get new textures, as the current ones are low-quality and look a bit unnatural.
  • The new texture for the chocolate chip cookie should not be a chocolate chip cookie.
  • The models should not be changed, as many instances of them exist in TR_Mainland alone.
  • Generally, it seems preferable to refer to them as ‘Biscuit’ rather than ‘Cookie’. They probably originally served as rations for non-Dunmer (Imperial Legion, Navy, adventurers…)
  • A suggestion for the chocolate chip cookies is to make them biscuits with small dried fruit in them, which depending on the province could pass as (red) raisins, comberry, snowberries etc.