2017 10 15 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • TR_Mainland fixes
  • The relatively barren stretch of land east of Old Ebonheart, including the St. Seryn Infirmary, and what to do with it, if anything
  • Hlan Oek and other core Hlaalu settlements, specifically stuff like services: distribution of temples, Imperial Cult shrines, taverns, Imperial garrisons, guild presence and so on.
  • Asset Browser Updates (Atrayonis should probably be present for this one)
  • Asset Browser Content. We need to go through what we have and take stock.

Meeting Summary

TR_Mainland Fixes

Rot seems to have these taken care of.

St. Seryn’s Infirmary, and surrounding lands

Gnomey has graciously volunteered to handle it.
St. Seryn’s layout is going to be adjusted by Gnomey to be a more standard Velothi tower rather than a twin-dome structure. The rooms will not be affected, aside from one losing its dome.
Its name will be changed to ‘Serynthul, Infirmary’.
Bridges will connect St. Seryn to the eastern stretch of land, and another bridge will connect it south towards Dondril.
The eastern stretch of land will get a shack with a small farm, the interior being orphaned from Felms Ithul, as well as a small Dunmer camp (using the new Dunmer camp set) with a small herd of velk.
It will also get a new cave for a Fighters Guild quest.
If there are no existing plans for the empty area directly west of St. Seryn, it will get an outlander cowherd trying his hand at raising guar.

Hlan Oek Planning

There will be no guilds in Hlan Oek, an Imperial garrison (Hlaalu architecture) which should have a prison marker, a separate Imperial Cult shrine (also Hlaalu architecture) with divine marker, at least one inn if not two, a proper temple, but without an Almsivi marker, and ship and siltstrider travel services

Indoril-Thirr Splitting

The potential to split Indoril-Thirr into northern and southern halves was discussed.
The split would likely occur just north of Roa Dyr and south of Vhul.
No one at the meeting is familiar with what splitting a section file entails, exactly, only a vague notion of how it is done.
When the release is closer by and it’s easier to tell what will be ready for inclusion into TR_Mainland and what will not, the split can be decided on and carried out by whoever is willing and able.

Two ideas for where it could be split: