2017 10 22 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Quest Reviewing: we need more warm bodies here. Perhaps reach out to the community for "alpha testers"?
  • Old Ebonheart: issues with quests and release. Problem: quests not contained wholly in OE section file can't be released officially with rest of OE, but not viable to have Guild quest chains only happen in OE. Examples: "Where is the Horse Gone?", "More Rats?"
  • Related to above: cutting out and/or finishing Roa Dyr
  • The Asset Browser (wishlist/discussion)


Meeting Summary

Quest reviewing

As there are currently only two quests in a “ready to review” state, opening a public call seems premature. Instead, internal playtesting will take place and if more than the current two quests are ready for review, a call can go out.
Reddit in particular would be rather easy to ping, if the quests and a call for playtesting was done in a forum topic and just linked.

Old Ebonheart

… pretty much relies on Indoril-Thirr being included in Mainland quest-wise. If prospects don’t look good for releasing OE by february, its release will probably have to be pushed back. If OE progress is good but Indoril-Thirr is lagging behind, there are a few desperation measures to choose from, aside from simply pushing back OE’s release: cutting the unfinished bits out of the Indoril-Thirr section file, cutting out/disabling/not merging OE quests that require you to leave OE and so on.
For the time being, top priority is completing OE, and secondary priority on finishing Indoril-Thirr, at least up to NPCing though in the ideal case with at least some misc quests as well.

Roa Dyr

Gnomey wants to have a final go at overhauling the exterior, but if people don’t like the new exterior will roll back to the current implementation and finish it. The general aim is to have Roa Dyr fully implemented (with at the very least NPCs) by the March release.


Gnomey intends to take care of this as well, but it’s lower priority.

Tentative edit list:

  • Add western harbour
  • Add outlander manors
  • Add Hlaalu manors here and there
  • Tidy up exterior (once more) and interiors
  • Edits to the nearby Dwemer ruin exterior and interior, including the addition of the lighthouse, Which will need an interior claim

The DE_RM Set

The set could use an overhaul. It’s light-brown colour is flat, unique in a bad way in comparison to other DE-woods, and it lacks vertex shading. Any new texture should be designed to work with the various tilesets where it’s used. (Primarily Hlaalu, Velothi and Redoran, but really the other Dunmer tilesets as well).

Asset Browser

Previously agreed upon and in-progress updates were reiterated on: tabs, priorities.

  • Priorities should be implemented as asset type and status currently are, so that specific priority levels can be linked to, like so.
  • Leads devs should go through assets and give a 'yea' or 'nay' as to whether they should be included and, once it is implemented, decide on what priority should be assigned.
  • We should make sure asset developers are setting progress properly, and remind them to do so if they aren't.
  • Asset stage semantics could use good suggestions. One suggestion: Proposed / Unfinished / Pending Review / In Review / Ready for Merging / Merged / Closed