2017 10 29 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Questline Claims

  • individual quests as child claims, or as spoilers in one claim?
  • if separate, automated claiming of child claims?
  • questline in one file, reviewed at once? or seperated by quest?
  • what if multiple devs work on questline? should this be allowed/discouraged?

Meeting Summary

Questline Claims

Questlines (or multiple quests that are otherwise related to each other) will be posted as a parent claim with a general summary, to which is attached child claims that detail the individual quests.
The child claims remain In Design to keep them from clogging up the claims browser; questlines are claimed through the main parent claim. Files are then submitted to this parent claim, in one file that includes the entire questline. Questlines are preferrably worked on by one quest dev so that writing and characterization is consistent.

Assets for Regions

Thirr Valley - what is needed before exterior work starts

Deshaan Plains

  • Salt Washes tileset; at least pieces for the entrance to the Salt Washes will be needed to make Dres Horak, which sits pretty much on top of the main/only entrance/entrances to the Salt Washes.
  • Dres tileset; at the very least the inorganic tileset with platforms, temple, council house, bays and silos.
  • Some Dres machinery, at the very least the ‘paternoster’ that transports goods vertically between the Salt Washes and the plains above. - might not be necessary for Dres Horak?
  • Dres Skyrender hives
  • Dres terrain assets (rocks, salt formations, salt crystals, ground textures are the main ones)
  • Dres flora (saltstrap, high grass…)