2017 11 26 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Find out which, if any interiors are missing from the Indoril-Thirr or Old Ebonheart section files.
  • Make design claims and descriptions for the interiors in the Lake Andaram #1 exterior claim, proposals with basic information here.
  • Discuss Jani's Ideas for meetings:
    • Better organised weekly meetings with a more detailed agenda, focusing on getting things done.
    • Derailed conversations should be moved to respective channels
    • There should be biweekly or monthly "community meetups" with a preset theme (eg House Redoran) and a free tone to attract and involve outside people

Meeting Summary

TR Readme/Introduction booklet

TR’s odt/pdf readme, which was supposed to be turned into an Introduction booklet was discussed for a while. The previous meeting ideas to turn it into a full-fledged introduction to TR, its impact and its lore were briefly discussed.

One additional idea mentioned was a collection of short travel blurbs, generally containing miscellaneous information about Morrowind (and more specifically TR) lore, to introduce readers to our world, perhaps in the vein of Skeleton Man’s Interview with Denizens of Tamriel or the Volo’s Guide to x of ADnD times.

An asset entry has been set up to the end of gathering such blurbs: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/volos-guide-tr-open-contributions


Two things were discussed: the availability of a place to post agenda proposals and the meeting structure in general.

For the agenda proposals, it was decided to retire the old “Online Meetings” topic, and start anew with a fresh one where people can post proposals for next week’s agenda. The new topic should be stickied for better visibility.

It has been implemented during the meeting and is available here.

From now on, meeting agenda pages should be set up in the prior meeting without fail, additionally to their agenda points with a link to the new “Online Meetings” topic.

A future revision to the meeting structure: We will hold an open discussion once per month (if it doesn't get cancelled), and directed meetings on all other Sundays (that don't get cancelled). The free meeting should be held at the end of each month, starting January.

We also impose a 4 hour time limit on directed meetings, and will see in December if it needs adjustments.

Open meetings should be promoted by all means possible, and contain a reminder that the directed meetings are also public, simply directed. Promotion should start at latest in January, and the frequency of further reminders should be figured out by then. (eg. one week before, one day before)


The current state of Almas Thirr is not entirely clear; some interiors are not linked properly, others appear to be missing entirely, and some may not properly fit the exterior and may need adjustment. An overview of the situation in Almas Thirr is necessary to figure out how to complete work on it, as planned out here.


In relation to the “Online Meetings” topic, forum thread URLs came up. Currently, a topic’s title is automatically included in the URL, eg. http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/skype-meetings. When the topic changes, the URL is changed by default, which breaks any prior links. The URL can manually be set not to change, but in that case the URL will not provide useful information. As a solution, it would be nice if the old URLs automatically rerouted to the new URLs.

Currently, an alternative is to link to the node URL (ending in, say, /node/2324/ instead of the topic title), or a specific comment in the thread, neither of which would be affected by the thread’s title changing. But they also don’t contain the thread’s title.