2017 12 03 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Almas-Thirr fact finding (two missing interiors were already found and the sewers are connected to the wrong interior).
  • Find out which, if any additional interiors are missing from the Indoril-Thirr or Old Ebonheart section files.
  • What does Indoril-Thirr need to be merged as minimum viable product (MVP) for the March release?
  • What does Old Ebonheart need done to be considered a MVP for the March release?
  • To build upon the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) discussion, which questlines should be finished or integrated in OE and Almas Thirr. See suggestion: (1).
  • Tentative merging / bugtesting phase before March release?
  • Make design claims and descriptions for the interiors in the Lake Andaram #1 exterior claim, proposals with basic information here.

Meeting Notes


  • The Almas Thirr fact-finding is underway. One missing interior has probably been identified by Sirrah, and the sewers needs more trapdoor connections.
  • The missing interiors have been identified by Jani in the release file comments, and Rot identified other problems with the files (superfluous NPCs and items).

MVP March Mainland

First a clarification as to what “minimum viable product” means: for a landmass to be merged into TR_Mainland it still needs to be complete (exteriors, interiors, NPCs, dialogue), stable and reliable for saves (no reworks!) and additional (quest) claims.
If it would just end up being Telvanni 2.0, it’s not viable.

What Old Ebonheart needs to be mainland ready:

  • finished and merged interiors (3 left)
  • remaining Ebon Tower NPCs
  • Mages Guild quests
  • Fighters Guild quests (Mortimer is working on this)
  • Imperial Legion quests (Mortimer is working on this)
  • Thieves Guild quests (Rats is probably working on this)
  • Imperial Cult quests (Atrayonis is working on this)

Indoril-Thirr needs some serious cutting, as currently Roa Dyr and Almas Thirr are a bottleneck on the file and they will not be ready by March.

At cursory glance, Dondril has at least the following problems:

  • Dialogue is not finished and has been inactively reworked since 2016
  • Evekara Yeoro’s Shack has no ownership
  • Hall of Craftsmer and Hetman _’s House have (TR_i) parts in their names, also no NPCs
  • The Under Nest Inn also has no NPCs
  • The palisade needs to either go or look less artificial

Vhul has similar problems:

  • Unrenamed interiors
  • Missing NPCs
  • No unique dialogue (but older concepts of the town exist)
  • A local guild, the Syvvit Tong, which needs character(s)

Cutting Vhul and Dondril out of Indoril-Thirr is a project that will be attempted next week. With three possible cuts, the middle one was agreed upon: