2017 12 10 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Cutting Indoril-Thirr in half: did it work and what is there to do now?
  • Dec/Jan assets - what do?
  • Given our issues with Old Ebonheart and quests crossing section files, I'd like us to re-evaluate the section file boundaries for Andothren, as I foresee the same difficulties of it being a major quest hub and being right on the border of Roth Roryn, and how to handle any breadcrumbs or questlines going down into that region.
  • Almas-Thirr fact finding: any news?
  • Tentative merging / bugtesting phase before March release?
  • Make design claims and descriptions for the interiors in the Lake Andaram #1 exterior claim, proposals with basic information here.

Meeting Notes


Dialogue is fixed, but untested in the Northern Anthirin file. A seperate file with fixed dialogue exists for the Indoril-Thirr (south) file, but it is not yet merged.

The northern Aanthirin file needs a lot of testing still, see the list here.

Some of the orange textures should be changed to compliment each other better, notably the orange moss to the ground texture and maybe the orange shroom table could be brightened a bit.


Version 5 has been moved to January 2018 (around the 15th to 20th), to allow more time for holiday cheer and assets to be finished.

Orange issues aside, a bottleneck are a few Velothi pieces necessary to finish Vhul without a massive amount of rework .A few plants for the Thirr Valley, and several books could be merged. The guarskin banners should be merged.


As Andothren will have Guild and Temple quests, it will probably have the same chokehold on Hlaalu-Thirr as Almas-Thirr and Old Ebonheart do/did on Indoril-Thirr.

There is a good case to cut the city out of Hlaalu-Thirr sometime before NPCing it and after merging Northern Aanthirin and Old Ebonheart into TR_Mainland.