2017 12 17 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Last meeting in 2017: Start assembling the 2017 list of accomplishments.
  • Tentative merging / bugtesting phase before March release? Note: Texafornian has offered to set up a TES3MP server with our indev files for testing.
  • Make design claims and descriptions for the interiors in the Lake Andaram #1 exterior claim, proposals with basic information here.

Meeting Summary

Northern Aanthirin

  • Vhul and Dondril were discussed two weeks ago and points collected.
  • Felms Ithul needs rechecking if the new interiors are all in and the old interiors are all out. It NPCs and dialogue and quest need to be changed to fit the current settlement. Maybe a bit more detailing in the exterior.
  • More and better placed Signposts, maybe border stones, lanterns, or similar for the road leading from OE to Veloth’s Path, to make it look more clearly like a main road instead of a path with a fancy texture.
  • Most of the exterior should be fine, though testing is encouraged. Some of the rocks in particular have ancient vertex shading among other issues that should ideally get looked at.

2017 achievement list

To be handled in a forum thread.

Merging/Testing Phase

Should begin late February/early March; no new content should be added after that.