2018-09-23 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Mainland Edits

Various Topics

  • Dres concept art, finalizing those so the modelers can start
  • 4 pages of assets that are pending review; call for volunteers and clarification of reviewing
  • The in-design Roth Roryn interiors need a description so they can be opened for claiming - There are also 20-40 exteriorless interiors intended for the region, the use of these should be prioritized.
  • Brainstorming:
    • the Andothren MG and also the general MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around;
    • early quests and starting zones (Teyn, Ancylis, Andothren, Almas Thirr, and whatever comes next);
    • the Houses Hlaalu and Redoran and what we know about them and their interaction;
    • the "characters" of towns like Andothren and Kartur;
    • how are daedra actually being worshipped?


Meeting Summary

Thirr Valley

The Thirr Valley heightmap question, posted shortly before the meeting, should be solved.

Veloth’s Path

As Veloth's Path extends beyond release file borders, the issues with it were split likewise:

  • Indoril-Thirr: It's already good, pretty much the implementation to strive for in the other files.
  • Hlaalu-Thirr: The path can be widened and objects place on its edge now.
  • Mainland: Path can be widened now, more edits should wait until Bosmora is getting turned into Mervayan.
  • RestExterior: All segments of the path are in exterior claims, could be done by ext devs

Objects to be placed on teh edge of Veloth's Path:

  • sparse sound shrines (ever 3-5 cells/claim if a random estimate is desired)
  • sparse activator shrines
  • general fancy stuff like rest areas
  • burials (see one of the hamlets south of Roa Dyr),
  • banner decoration or whatever where it makes sense/looks good.

Roth-Roryn design interiors

Minerman linked some reviewed old forum interiors with RR design claims. After merging them, Jani’s script can check for any remaining interiors to be made for the section file.

There are also shack interiors on the list, which can be used for the Aanthirin release.

Stairs to the Necrom Watchtower

The bug has been fixed by Mort so that it can be navigated on foot again.
Actually extending the stairs back to the floor level as well as adding textures or lamps is not going to happen for time being, so we agreed to close the bug report.


There are currently 6 pages of assets that are in review / pending review / at 100% completion, what do?

The agreed response is to panic. Infragris has volunteered to look after the 2 pages of artifact assets, and literature might be met with a task force soon, taking the edge off the long-running problem assets.

Mainland edits

Moving the Ruinous Keep is fine, some dialogue might need to be edited referring to the ruin. It might be used to form a temple quest for Necrom, having to hunt for the prisoner in the keep.

Adding the Archaeological Society NPCs to the new faction is fine.

Erasing the peninsula north-west of Nassudan is acceptable, as this is only exterior work. Care should be taken that, while unnecessary mainland edits are to be removed, the seabed shouldn't form a mess of default texturing and the normal seabed colour for Azura's Coast.

Having an island remain is possible and up to the discretion of the exterior edits, but absolutely not required.