2019-07-21 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda


  • Anything in need of high-priority attention?

Cross-Province questions

  • Morrowind Crafting, Part Two
  • Tamriel_Data: how to handle lowres/highres
  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Travel Networks: ships, teleportation, Intervention, restrictions at border forts (these should be been cleared up, further discussion necessary?)
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases

Various topics

Meeting Summary

Morrowind Crafting

While the MC team is creating both a Lua and a vanilla solution, turning our logs into activators will still be recommended.

To correct the summary of 2017-07-14: Woods must be activators, not misc objects. Misc objects without names will display the IDs instead.

Suggestion for the logs: T_Act_FurnLog_02_30 and T_Act_FurnLog_02_70. Both need to be have unique meshes (nif files, they can look identical before MC affects them).

In order to work around the oddities of the three Harmun root ingredients (which were brought up during the discussions), we are going to change their effects to Fatigue, Drain Magicka, and Sound.

Release things

A new data addon and a (maybe provisional) TR_Mainland.esp will be done by Friday. If the Mainland file turns out to not be sustainable due to too much different work needing to be done, another can be created later.

Tasks that need to be done until then:

  • Looking over (and merging) the pending review dialogue claims (Dillonn is going to look at Indal-ruhn, Atrayonis hopes to look at the Plantation Dialogue)
  • the last Tur Julan interior
  • helpful: Roa Dyr dialogue and NPCs
  • fix bugs in the bugtracker

Armun Ashlands

Jani has compiled a list of interiors that can be added, allowing the section to be essentially done and ready for NPCing afterwards.

It’s been discussed and accepted to add some minor (hostile/outcast) Ashlander tribes with 1-2 Yurts at most (keeping them in line with vanilla).