2019-09-01 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Wrapping up the Release

  • We should have had a TR 1908 release, what's in need to be done for TR1909?

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Travel Networks: ships, teleportation, Intervention, restrictions at border forts (these should be been cleared up, further discussion necessary?)
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases

Various topics

Meeting Summary

PT Bot

We allowed Scamp to invite the "PT Point Exchange" bot (now name "Bot Emeritus") into the TR Discord. It has the commands !help, !labels, !set, !show, !delete, and !northmarker, and shares a label database with the PT Discord. We discussed some changes in functionality, like restricting !help and !labels to #trspam, and separating meme labels out into another database and command set.

Release development

  • TR_Data is currently in the process of being finalized. On the TR side, some hash collisions were cleaned up.
  • TR_Travels is in the final stretch of its implementation. Atrayonis needs to implement the Mages Guild travel restrictions discussed last week in the PT meeting and go over things one last time. MinerMan has volunteered to test the connections.
  • Why reported that Tur Julan NPCing is about 50% done (Daedra 80-90% and ghosts about 10%) and could be finished within two weeks if Excuses&Accusations uploads the last missing Tur Julan interior next week.
  • slepana estimated that See you in Oblivion should be finished by next week.
  • Cicero thought that Khalaan should be about ready next week.
  • Rats had the Aimrah questline 90% done with Temple quests soon following.
  • Gnomey is calling Roa Dyr dialogue 70% done and updated the claim accordingly. 80% will be all lines done, 90% will be NPCs fully planned out, 100% will be implementation.
  • Dillon said he would review When Interiors Don’t Match Their Exteriors within the week.

Deshaan Plains

Revisiting a discussion that has been going on since June, the question of the Deshaan deforestation was tackled again as it’s a blocker for the updated House Dres handbook page.

After some discussion, it was agreed that the following passage

House Dres traces its origins to the Cantemiric Velothi, a nomadic collection of clans that moved into the hostile Deshaan Forests. The Cantemiri subsided on clearcutting and agriculture, residing in a given location for a generation before moving on.

In their wake came the Saltwalkers, Chimeri nomads who eked out a living herding fauna in the tree-less plains the Cantemiri had left behind. After the formation of the First Council, the Saltwalkers held court in the ruins of Cantemiric civilisation and participated in the greater Chimer society while the Cantemiri moved beyond the Salt Marshes into Argonia, where they settled near modern-day Thorn and Archon.

When the Argonians flooded the Arnesian lands, the surviving Cantemirics rejoined the Saltwalkers. From this union came House Dres.

would suffice for that.

Further discussion as to the exact background (the relation to Ancient Tales of the Dwemer II: The Seed or the idea that the Deshaan was full of Hist trees that were cut down out of horror) can be held as necessary.