2019-09-29 Meeting Summary


Wrapping up the Release

  • We should have had a TR 1908 release, what's in need to be done for TR1910?
  • The release announcement needs to be completed

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases

Worldspace Implementation

  • The future direction of TR: Velothis or Narsis? Maybe both?
  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion
  • Volenfaryon interior planning
  • Ald Marak / Ald Iuval / Hlan Oek / Othmura town and interior planning
  • TV2 and TV3 wilderness interior planning

Quests and Dialogue


Template Meetings

  • House Redoran
  • Clambering Moor
  • Velothi Mountains
  • Shipal-Shin
  • Othreleth Woods

Meeting Summary

Release Things

Good news: five quests are ready for merging!

Bad news, there’s more that needs doing:


  • Dialogue: Tur Julan, Roa Dyr and surrounding farmsteads WIP
  • Interiors: Tur Julan #2 close to being finished
  • Low-level Temple quests: Last quest being crunched by Rats
  • Speaker quests: Being playtested by Mort
  • 2 claims pending review (one will be taken by Jani next week)
  • Khalaan reviewed! Not going to merge yet, see below
  • Aimrah Dreugh questline under review
  • Idaverrano is nearly done and will likely be added to the release

What can be done by the layman? Quest playtesting!

Temple Questline

Formal review should only consist of checking the scripts. Then merge everything (low level + speaker + see you in oblivion + khalaan) into a single giant claim and get like a Devs to playtest it from beginning to end.

The Roa Dyr bell sequence will be added into Khalaan as soon as it is completed. A mock script has been designed, Violet is taking the claim.

Release Announcement

Much editing was done during the meeting. There are still a few points that need to be done:

  • Placeholder screenshots should be replaced
  • Needs a general grammar check
  • Oran Plantation pic should be updated

Future direction of TR

The general desire is to tackle Shipal-Shin, the Hlaalu, and ultimately Narsis.

For the next agenda meetings after the release, the first points will be:

  • the little topics
  • assorted post-release problems
  • a Shipal-Shin template meeting


We dove into Andothren a bit. Gnomey stressed that the city has already been planned out and that we just need to follow those plans. He linked to a rough collection of said plans here, saying they should be summarized better later.


The little -7, -16 celled Tier IV settlement that could got some development done after Cicero pitched his revamp concept:

A plantation in northwestern Roth-roryn had a weird layout which bugged a few developers. As in the Morrowind concept map there’s an unaccounted for settlement in the rough location, Omaynis, we decided to adjust the plantation accordingly.

A nearby Kwama mine will be moved closer to the settlement, and it should get a small manor, a smithy, a bar/inn, and perhaps one or two new buildings besides, with Hlaalu wall pieces around it, to protect against bandits, “bandits” from the west, and wild beasts.

Gnomey added in a Siltstrider and drew up a map for the future setup:

The person implementing the settlement needs to make sure all the doors and NPCs remain within the cell, as it will be a close fit.