2020-03-22 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Dominions of Dust

  • MVP: Quests. continued


  • How is progress on Andothren?
  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion.
  • The Andothren MG and also the general MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around


  • Should we declutter exteriors (particularly Roth-Roryn and Old Ebonheart) for bigger vanilla parity and support of users with lower end PCs and laptops?
  • Should exterior tunnels be allowed, like in Soluthis or Hlan Oek?

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases
  • Wolli's asset removal and deprecation tracking list

Worldspace Implementation

  • Firemoth archipelago
  • TV2 and TV3 wilderness interior planning
  • Propylon index placement

Quests and Dialogue

  • The "characters" of towns like Kartur


Preparing Template Meetings

  • House Redoran
  • Clambering Moor
    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?
    • Do we want to make an exterior claim for the inner sea bordering the big CM island, akin to the Idaverrano seabed edits?
  • Othreleth Woods

Meeting Notes

Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sZOPkVKCUjeoFvwWZvPzKjYAMRHxa8QL...
Kevaar's overview: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/dod-quest-overview
Zitri Egg Mine: It used to be in RestExterior until it was accidentally cut from the file with its NPCs (TR_m4_Lazghob_gro-Ghob and TR_m4_Breram_Uvayn). Should be merged somewhere else (possibly one of the TV mines?)
Dialogue claim: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/dialogue-update-bodrem
Existing quest: An Unwell Traveller ("Wesencolm, an agent of the East Empire Company in Bodrem, is sick with a common disease. The local priest will not see him, but he needs a cure.")
Proposed quests:
The Proud Farmer: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/proud-redoran
Lost in Transit: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/lost-transit
Headless: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/headless
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/npc-relations-tips-and-hint(Potential temple quests, one to cure someone of an illness, and one to help heal miners caught in an accident.)
All three claims are open. The Temple quests should be moved somewhere else.
Dialogue and NPCs are already merged.
Existing quest: Cut Short in Menaan (Morag Tong agent wants to kill the governor, but is imprisoned)
Proposed quests: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/shorted-kwama is already open
MT quest: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/menaan-interior-8
IL quest (part 1 - meeting with the dumb EEC agent): https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/menaan-interior-6
IL quest (part 2 - arrest of the governor's daughter): https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/menaan-interior-9
HH quest (get rid of a rival noble): https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/menaan-interior-5
Dialogue: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/npcs-and-general-dialogue-omaynis
Proposed quest:
A priest at the Andothren temple wishes to move a statue of St. Felms (or another statue if there's a good reason for it) located in an outdoor alcove near Omaynis to a prominent location more fitting its stature. (It was sculpted by a notable sculptor "blessed by ALMSIVI, who might have become a saint if they hadn't died so young"). Possible locations are the hills east of OE so that the statue can loom over the city -- though that might be too lacking in subtlety -- or overlooking the Thirr Delta. The locals of Omaynis are unhappy with the plan.
The player needs to figure out how to handle the situation, which could include having a copy made. A simple premise which can have as many (or few) solutions as the quest developer desires. The questgiver can either be the priest, the locals of Omaynis, or both.
Roth-Roryn Wilderness
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/tombs-old-heretics Back in design, starts in Omaynis
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/troupe-trouble Made into claim
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/nirn-bound-saint Made into claim
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/my-dear-friend-arven Ready for merging
Iliath: Kevaar will have to look at “A Long History” - not MVP, the location is not supposed to be a quest hub, but rather a destination.
Obainat Camp
Dialogue claim: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/npcs-and-general-dialogue-obainat...
Proposed quests:
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/wicked-water-woes - Reopened
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/ancestral-guidance - Up for claiming
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/sneaky-teenagers - Up for claiming, not MVP
Dialogue claim: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/npcs-and-general-dialogue-arvud
Proposed quests:
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/metamorphosis - Up for claiming
https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/ring-euphoria - Up for claiming 
Next meeting:
Armun Ashlands
*Wilderness Ashlander camps 
Ascadian Bluffs
*Fort Ancylis (Imperial Legion)
*Gol Mok
Velothi Mountains