2020-04-12 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

MVP Discussion

  • Last remaining quests.


  • How is progress on Andothren?
  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion.
  • The Andothren MG and also the general MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around


  • Should we declutter exteriors (particularly Roth-Roryn and Old Ebonheart) for bigger vanilla parity and support of users with lower end PCs and laptops?
  • Should exterior tunnels be allowed, like in Soluthis or Hlan Oek?

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases
  • Wolli's asset removal and deprecation tracking list

Worldspace Implementation

  • Firemoth archipelago
  • TV2 and TV3 wilderness interior planning
  • Propylon index placement

Quests and Dialogue

  • The "characters" of towns like Kartur


Preparing Template Meetings

  • House Redoran
  • Clambering Moor
    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?
    • Do we want to make an exterior claim for the inner sea bordering the big CM island, akin to the Idaverrano seabed edits?
  • Othreleth Woods

Meeting Summary

MVP Discussion

The first topic discussed was Temple Quests  https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/andothren-temple-quests


  • #3: Slave would complicate matters (too far away from master, possible asking for recompense). A servant (indentured or not does not matter) works better.
  • #4a If Nalvs has been replaced while this quest is still running, the quest can also be continued/finished by Reydre. (Aka implement dialogue for both NPCs)
  • #5: Killing the lackey would have Nalvs consider it to be righteous retribution (as he’s starting to fray).
  • #also5 add the option to give a tongue-lashing to Milns, which is most successful if player is also Hlaalu and a high rank.
  • #alsoalso5 clarify Nalvs' reasons for not preferring one outcome to another here ( though the above option (tongue-lashing) would probably gain the player the most brownie points). He wanted to know what's up and now he (thinks he) does: Hlaalu corruption.
  • #6 optional aside: if the player tries to pull rank as a member of House Hlaalu, %thinker goes back to his thesis to demonstrate the player's rank is actually equal to his own too (or some other notion to worm his way out of listening to the player)
  • #7 another option is to try and teach the orc correctly by sending them on a pilgrimage. Again orc would be stubborn, but then come up with the idea "on his own" to do the Seven Graces pilgrimage. Also, if the player is an orc, he'd be more likely to listen.
  • #8 needs better sense of progression to Nalvs snapping, so: #6 Nalvs will directly suggest roughing up %Thinker so he leaves town, #7 he directly suggests killing orc (player can still take the more merciful options though Nalvs will reward less). Then, in #8, player is sent to give the MT a writ for Milns and other Andothren Hlaalu after doing a routine check-in with Reydre. When talked to, Reydre informs player Nalvs is being investigated for his recent rash actions, so she's asking the player for their observations of Nalvs. Quest then proceeds as written. 
  • #also8 clarify that no matter what player says, Nalvs is removed to Mournhold if not slain. Assumably, Reydre has other evidence he's been up to no good, and Nalvs has been up to more crud without the player being involved, and this reasoning should be made clear in Reydre's dialogue
  • #9 change pilgrimage concept into escorting some old fart pilgrim going on their own Veloth's Path pilgrimage to Almas Thirr. It's a punishment duty, as are escort quests. The pilgrim should be met east of Andothren (having already started, but progressing slowly) and protests going back (to the Silt Strider) because that wouldn't be doing the pilgrimage properly! Aka, the player should have to do this the hard way, on foot.

Next topic: Speaker Quests

  • The quest giver is a third person, so that these would run in parallel to the main Temple quests.
  • #1 Akamora has a similar quest, so this should be taken into account (the method of communing)
  • #2 instead of spirit being destroyed, it would be bound to serve as a bonewalker in some tomb, as a lore punishment.
  • #3 is fine

Misc quests