2020-04-26 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda


  • How is progress on Andothren?
  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion.


  • Should we declutter exteriors (particularly Roth-Roryn and Old Ebonheart) for bigger vanilla parity and support of users with lower end PCs and laptops?
  • Should exterior tunnels be allowed, like in Soluthis or Hlan Oek?

Cross-Province questions

  • Faction integration, cross-provincial
  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases
  • Wolli's asset removal and deprecation tracking list

Worldspace Implementation

  • Firemoth archipelago
  • TV2 and TV3 wilderness interior planning
  • Propylon index placement

Quests and Dialogue

  • The "characters" of towns like Kartur
  • General MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around


Preparing Template Meetings

  • House Redoran
  • Clambering Moor
    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?
    • Do we want to make an exterior claim for the inner sea bordering the big CM island, akin to the Idaverrano seabed edits?
  • Othreleth Woods

Meeting Summary

Shipal-Shin exteriors claims

Asset in need of making:

  •     Imperial highway with a red rust overlay

Claim notes:

Revised Thirr Riverbed
  • SH_01:
    • Narsis
    • Many ancestral tombs
    • revised Thirr riverbed
    • the western road is the Purple Road 
  • SH_02:
    • Big Velothi tower complex (“Jabba’s Palace”) overlooking the canyons near the Deshaan border
    • Sapphire mine (full) somewhere nearby
  • SH_03:
    • Medium or large netch ranch
  • SH_04:
    • Border post (not a fort, a motel) for travel to Black Marsh
    • Ayleid ruin (small) on top of the mountains right next to the border post
  • SH_05:
    • Optional Daedric Ruin
    • revised Thirr riverbed
    • source of the Thirr with a modest Buoyant Armiger presence worshiping an aspect of Vivec's Water Face, or something
  • SH_06:
    • Shipal-Sharai; make sure to add an “imperial quarter” where a legion fort (*not* using the Imperial tileset) would be located
    • Optional Daedric Ruin
    • Extinguished Sapphire mine, repurposed into a Kwama mine
    • the road is the Purple Road 
  • SH_07:
    • Velothi Tower, overlooking Thirr Valley
    • Kwama mine nearby
    • Optional Daedric Ruin
  • SH_08:
    • Daedric Ruin
    • the road is the Purple Road 
    • medium tent city for the Red Swarm Milit
  • SH_09:
    • Velothi Tower, under control of the Red Swarm Militia; add a few small Dunmer tents outside, maybe some fences for bug-goats
    • Kwama mine nearby
    • Optional Daedric Ruin
  • SH_10:
    • Septim’s Gate Pass
    • Optional Daedric Ruin
    • Purple road example implementation


Reimplementation of the original Firemoth quest was discussed. There is consensus that we do not want to fundamentally change the premise - the fort has been overrun by Grurn’s undead army. There is a general desire to make it more interesting than the original, however.   Access to the quest should be gated by one of the following

  1. A rank 4 or higher in the Imperial Legion
  2. Have a certain amount of general Reputation (perhaps 5 or 10 or something)

  Other ideas that were discussed:

  • Expand on the background of the Ward of Akavir
    • the shield was probably part of the invasion in the 2nd era
    • maybe that spot is where the wielder was drowned by vivec
  • Make companions - and their survival - matter
    • (they would have to be reimplemented with TR-specific IDs, but we want to keep the names, at the very least)
    • Upon success, they might get a Legion pension
  • Use the new rising skeleton animation to spawn skeletons on the beach / from the ground
  • Grurn himself is prime material for making a scripted boss fight
    • What is his phylactery? Does he have one?
    • What does he do with the Ward?
    • He might raise minions / bring skeletons back to life throughout the fight
    • Surviving companions might be scripted to somehow make this fight easier

Fort Firemoth can be turned into a player stronghold for an Imperial Legion player, at rank 7 or higher. Details will be discussed at a later time.


Should be made - minimum content is a fix to the “DELETEME” reply to “Dwemer Ruins” in Dagon Fel. Automatically generating one from differences between Morrowind.esm and Morrowind.esp did not work.