2020-05-31 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda


  • How is progress on Andothren?
  • Andothren, continued exterior/mansion discussion.

Meeting Summary

Vern’s list of interiors to be cut

Vern’s note on the east side

  • The council hall ext getting beefed up displaced a house which is floating over top. Its interior has been fixed no idea what to do with it for now.
  • Two other things need dealing with, the strider port is still an ugly cobbled mess and the warehouse could do with an expansion with the modular set.

Interiors to be added

  • Magistrates court: Rather than a manor the magistrate of Andothren has a residence in a new complex, a magistrates court where the empires civic admin tries to work through the mire of hlaalu bureaucracy, also houses the city jail and imperial guard compliment. (Better than just a random tower which might seem moddy and highlights a lore element vanilla alluded to but didn’t show) 
  • Morag Tong guild hall: Cities too big to get by without one (whether it has quests or not is another question) 
  • Guild of Brewers and Fishermongers: Omnipresent in southern Hlaalu cities and overlaps with Andothrens fishing industry and the alcohol trade to vvardenfell.

Other small changes (not a complete list)

  • The waterfalls will either get improved or, if they can’t be made to work, removed. They do not indicate the presence of sewers and Andothren won’t have a sewer system, they are simply waterways that flow down to the water below and were built over,
  • the temple will likely get some market stalls and a podium for preachers and general public speaking,
  • Andothren’s harbour will get some sort of lighthouse to show ships the way into its rather closed-off inlet.

Asylum’s custom temple island mesh (not yet submitted)

So, in summary

  1. The shops will be in the concentrated in the east, with a few tiny ones in the western harbour, the two remaining in the west are getting cut,
  2. the west consists of basically residences and manors only, with a lot of Hlaalu retainers and such, plus the Morag Tong guildhall and the Magistrate’s court,
  3. at the western waterside will be the slums, poor shops, and the guilds/tongs (potters, brewers and fishermongers),
  4. the temple island acted as a market place for the longest time (and maybe still does) while the council hall interior acts as a forum for meetings, so there is no need for a distinct park or open forum in the west.