2020-07-26 Meeting Summary


What is the future outline?

What are the rough outlines for local plots? How do they tie into the global plot?

Roughly speaking, the local plots will be tied to the March capitals, where the local councils try to keep sense of things as well as they can until the Nail-Knock Reaver uprising occurs.

The early Snows March quests should focus on the Hlaalu in/and Cormar, the early Stones March focus on the conflict between “Princess” Demia Sarethi and the Hlaalu around Bodrem. The Ashes March could have something with Velothi Orcs (not the Marakh-Bazhul ones!).

In Baan Malur, Vermith, the aging Mistress of Flames (caretaker of the great council hall) has recently discovered a new sense of flexibility as supplies and funds which were formerly sent to “her” city are now sent to Ald-ruhn. The concerns for the former capital are keeping food on the table, weapons in the scabbards, and the foreign and local dignitaries occupied.

Waters March is preoccupied with a conflict between Felmaru Llendu and the garrison captain of Ald Marak.

For the most part, these plots should not tie into the broader Redoran questline, but act as a sort of red herring - giving the player the conflict they expect, and then switching it with one that should come unexpected.

What conflicts exist that the player cannot resolve?

Hlaalu and Imperial encroachment.

With the TR timespan, House Redoran's major issues of lacking direction and purpose and unity will actually be resolved; even with the Nord uprising put down in the short-term, Nord raids will continue to be a thing afterwards along with broader transitional challenges with the Temple transforming under the Nerevarine (and without the Tribunal).

For the Redoran, that conflict is healthy, or at least not without its advantages.

What bonus and fluff is there?

Do they have mascots or favorite colours?

Their mascots are whatever animal is local and useful (like scarabs, hooms, and crabs). They are associated with the color red. Their outdoor wear and architecture is drab and utilitarian, but they use a variety of colors indoors

Who was the current ruler's predecessor and what were they like?

Bolvyn Venim’s predecessor is not mentioned often. The former ruler of the Snows’ March (not an Arobar), his name will be determined once we have the council of said March set up.

He was more of a priest with a sword than a real war-leader. While a capable diplomat and fighter, and the biggest reasons why the Nail-Knock Reaver uprising didn’t happen during this reign, his bungling of Vvardenfell’s reopening and the subsequent loss of prestige led to his early death and Venim’s ascendancy. 

At the same time, his publicly displayed faith and attempts to form closer ties with the Buyoant Armigers worked out well, renewing Redoran and Temple cooperation and giving Venim the means to move the capital to Vvardenfell without upsetting the local power structure.

What notable previous rulers or members should the player be told about?

“Princess” Demia Sarethi. the mother of Andas and aunt of Athyn Sarethi, who is currently in Ald-ruhn, ruled the Stones March during the Simulacrum. While derided as “princess” for her supposedly Hlaalu/Imperial-like demeanor early in her life, she proved to be a capable ruler. When Athyn had to move to Ald-ruhn permanently and the problems in the March began adding up, the council summoned her ancestral ghost and follow her orders.

The Indarys family is an old and powerful Redoran clan from the Waters March that broke apart when it dissolved and half of the clan switched allegiance to the Hlaalu. As a result, it has prominent members in both Houses (including a resident Redoran noble in Baan Malur), as well as quite a few becoming bandits and entering diverse other walks of life.