2020-09-20 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Worldspace Implementation

  • Progress on Andothren
  • TV2-4 wilderness interior planning

Cross-Province questions

  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases (this agenda point could use some elaboration as to what specifically should be discussed and in what format we can best discuss it)

Quests and Dialogue

  • 6+ has a few points to discuss regarding Foul Murder, and I think Why mentioned he wasn't fully satisfied with the current plans too.
  • Brain-storming some stories/fluff for Almalexia (the godess), has come up a few times in casual discussions, maybe a meeting will produce some more concrete ideas.
  • The "characters" of towns like Kartur
  • General MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around


Preparing Template Meetings

  • Clambering Moor
    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?
    • Do we want to make an exterior claim for the inner sea bordering the big CM island, akin to the Idaverrano seabed edits?
    • Cicero suggested on discord that the island could be split up into multiple smaller ones. The interiors would need attention if this is done.
  • Othreleth Woods

Meeting Summary

Andothren Exteriors

Current exterior overview

The temple island in particular requires some new assets, which are currently in development. Aside from that, overhauling the strider port and the town entrances, alongside detailing work ought to be what prevents Andothren from being finished.

Andothren Interiors

Several interior claims which were In Design have been set to Unclaimed.
Some more are “available” to be made claims as part of https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/andothren-east-interior-notes and https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/andothren-west-interior-notes

If anybody is willing to set up the remaining claims for Andothren interiors to be reworked, please direct any questions to Gnomey who will be all too happy to help along. Short summary of the required steps:

Make a list of ints, check off/delete the ones already in the claim browser, split off the remaining interiors from an old Andothren file that still has them (v 012 and earlier I think), locate the old claim thread (there's a trick to this in editing the URL: if you can't locate the claim itself, find the closest Andothren claim number you can and add or subtract the number in the URL until you land at the right claim. Fun!), locate the old claim map image (hopefully you'll find it in an existing newer claim, otherwise I can do this bit), put all of this stuff together in a design claim together with Vern’s notes on the respective interior. When in doubt, refer to the Andothren claims that have already been put up and/or ask Gnomey.

The temple interior needs to wait on windows being added to the exterior, hopefully this coming week, and should be done in the style of vanilla temple shells (of the larger sort, as in Balmora).

New manors need to wait on their shells being polished up and uploaded as claims, which should likewise happen this week.


In general, discussion ended up revolving around Almalexia’s equivalent to the vanilla Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces, with Pilgrimage of the Seven Sacrifices being a possible name. One idea as a common thread to these pilgrimages is that each one is related to a time Almalexia sheds her skin, though on the other hand that’s also a concept that could get overdone.

Suggested locations:

  1. City of Almalexia/War of the First Council Dwemer siege (“Men of brass destroyed the eleven gates of the Mourning Hold and behind them came the Dwemeri architects of tone. Ayem threw down her cloak and became the Face-Snaked Queen of the Three in One. Those that looked upon her were overcome by the meanings of the stars.” https://www.imperial-library.info/content/thirty-six-lessons-vivec-sermon-thirty-six )
  2. probably Velothis/fending off Wulfharth (“[Wulfharth] raises a storm, sends in his people, and is driven back by Tribunal forces.” https://www.imperial-library.info/content/arcturian-heresy ), 
  3. something Four Score War-related (downing a mothship?), 
  4. City of Almalexia/2920 fight, 
  5. Isle of Arches/summoning Wulfharth, 
  6. Andothren/banishing Wulfharth (could be flipped with Isle of Arches in order; Ada’soom is evidently defeated at Red Mountain), 
  7. Indoril Ancestral Tomb.

An epos of Almalexia’s tales (not similar to the 36 Sermons by structure), detailing her “retirement” from warrior to mother was also suggested.

A possible collection of stories could follow the following pattern:

  • 4 stories for the "Bad" Daedra, where she punches stuff and wins battles, shedding her skin as armor for her bannermer
  • 3 stories for the "Good" Daedra, where she slowly transitions from warrior to mother, the Boetiah one could have her change her skin by rubbing it in Red Mountains's ashes, completing her transformation into the mother of the Dunmer (as the Chimer were),
  • 1 for Sotha Sil, where she saves him (but not his legs) from Mehrunes Dagon in 1E2920, 
  • 1 for Vivec, where she summons Wulfharth then punches into the Underworld to get him to go away (and do away with the water Vivec summoned), 
  • 1 for Almalexia herself, where she finally settles down in her city (with her mask but no more skins to shed), perhaps after visiting the Indoril ancestral tomb and remembers those that served in the First Council.