2020-10-25 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

Worldspace Implementation

  • Progress on Andothren
  • TV2-4 wilderness interior planning

Cross-Province questions

  • Armor and weapons: sorting out stats, expanding or restricting vanilla sets, special cases (this agenda point could use some elaboration as to what specifically should be discussed and in what format we can best discuss it)

Quests and Dialogue

  • 6+ has a few points to discuss regarding Foul Murder, and I think Why mentioned he wasn't fully satisfied with the current plans too.
  • The "characters" of towns like Kartur
  • General MG plans, particularly if someone with a good general idea of afterlife-, dreamsleeve- and soultrap-related lore is around


  • Literature: The backlog is 4 years long, and there are people willing to do editing work, which needs to be allocated
  • Hlaalu assets: Find volunteers for the circular int pieces, so Hlan Oek and Othmura can be finished


Preparing Template Meeting

  • Clambering Moor
    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?
    • Cicero suggested on discord that the island could be split up into multiple smaller ones. The interiors would need attention if this is done.


Meeting Summary

Literature Backlog

Any asset that is not “In Development” is up for editing and lore checking. Eon Fox is already working on the task, coordination would be nice with Phenoix, Mark, Dev Shah, and Sultan of Rum (who volunteered to also do some writing). Volunteers can DM Atra or Gnomey for lore help.




After some discussion, it is going to be retained as-is for the time being, in the hope that faction discussion will happen. The meeting has generated some prompts, at least.


Circular Hlaalu Interior Piece

What is necessary is a 2x2 interior piece, but the question of how the dome is to be implemented is still open.

Alternatively, have a one-piece done and a 1/4th circle flat roof piece, to be fitted wherever it is needed.

A 1 tile version is right out, though.

A claim has been made for it: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/round-hlaalu-interior-set


TV 2-4 wilderness interior planning

10 ints were moved from design to unclaimed:











1 of those was set as unclaimed and 90% done, with a file:


Andothren Hlaalu Questline

Of these quests (https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/andothren-house-hlaalu-questline) it was proposed that a few get cut from the Andothren Hlaalu questline and added as plain misc quests (particularly Packrat, Minor Appraisal, Not Even Past, and Orlukh vampires). The rest are okay, particularly the Missing Merchant for an early quest, which makes the player look around Andothren for clues and introduces the theme of corruption by framing the player for murder.

New quests should be added that are more relevant to the theme of Hlaalu trade deals and corruption in Andothren.

Some ideas were found on the old forums (https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewforum.php?f=230&sid=20459ecb84e1af7463035f71680638d7). The basic premise is that there are a lot of upstart nobles infighting with Tholer Andas being the kingpin. The player gets involved in the infighting and rises through the initial ranks, becoming yet another upstart, and ends up beating Andas.

Some quest designs were proposed for spots in the questline:


https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/house-hlaalu-omaynis-inn (This would be a good early quest to introduce the cast of characters in Andothren. Perhaps you need to convince over half of them to support the inn being built so that the council gridlock is broken, or convince one of them to take care of it entirely (much harder).)

Another idea: the player should get pointed to Vvardenfell at some point as a place to build up power outside of Andothren, linking to the vanilla questline, and the end result of the questline (but that wouldn't really come up in the DoD release) is that the player catches the attention of the Hlaalu Council Company leading to the second part of the questline.

https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/mid-high-level-oe-il-quests was made back into the old design of an OE IL questline, and a new quest design was made for an Andothren Hlaalu quest based on the original revision of that: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/no-assassins-beyond-point (FYI this quest needs a rework to differentiate it from the OE IL quest.)