2020-12-27 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Worldspace Implementation

  • Progress on Andothren
  • Tier 2 Temples have wildly different interior sizes (based on Vern's int survey), continued

Tamriel Data

  • Discussing cross-province armor and weapon stats


  • Creating a unified wiki for PT and TR

Preparing Template Meeting

  • Clambering Moor
    • How should the Kartur section be expanded?
    • Cicero suggested on discord that the island could be split up into multiple smaller ones. The interiors would need attention if this is done.

Meeting Summary


Progress has happened with merging/redistributing assets.

The MT hall originally placed in Narsis is going to find a place in Andothren. The manor it replaces will be moved over a bit, replacing a building that will be moved to an empty shell in the east, the other building it replaces will be moved to the western harbour.

As soon as Tamriel_Data v8 beta 3/release candidate 1 is done, chef wants to go back to it.

Andothren NPCing and its impact on questing should be put as a new agenda point. While Charger has done most of the work, he is missing a comprehensive Who’s Who of the nobility; while he does not want to give every NPC unique lines, the nobles at least should have something to say.

Cross-Province Armor and Weapon Stats

The problem was described, but nothing has been done yet.

What we are currently lacking is a unified list of vanilla and TD sets to pin-point outliers (both over- and underpowered). Jani proposed to do a Python export next week and this could be put into the PT wiki for easy comparison.