21.01.01 Hotfix Release

Download the Tamriel Rebuilt 21.01 Hotfix 01: Main Mirror | Morrowind Nexus | Morrowind Modding Hall

  • CRC-32: E7D72C2C
  • SHA-256: F189A3BAFF8C142E9D17B93B21D3241B6C2BEE925EAE55B903C03F6294F4D913 

Ever continuing our Sisyphean work, Tamriel Rebuilt is announcing the release of hotfix 1 for build 21.01.

This is a bugfix release aimed at resolving a few issues in TR_Mainland, TR_Factions, and assets.

The hotfix download contains a hotfix .esp and a loose mesh file that you need to use in addition to the TR_Mainland.esm of build 21.01. With our next regular release using the hotfix esp will be unnecessary and it must be removed from your load order!
Similarily, the next Tamriel_Data release will make using the loose texture file unnecessary.
Also included is a fresh TR_Factions.esp file that should overwrite your existing TR_Factions.esp, if you use it.

The hotfix fixes the following bugs:

  • Dondril banner texture path corrected.
  • Corrected various spelling errors in The Ebonheart Bellman.
  • Completing the Bloodmoon East Empire Company quest line no longer enables erroneous Ebonheart Bellman papers.
  • Prevented edge case in which Thul Nadaa would refuse to teleport the player even if no other quest prevented player from leaving.
  • Deprecated model removed from TR_Factions.


Script errors - Confrontation with Ordinator in Mourning

Rod Uveges's picture

I went to Necrom, into console, for Ordinator00000001 sethealth 0, he died. I looted and wore his armor and clicked another Ordinator.

 Script T_ScNpc_Mw_NecromOrd   Trying to RunFunction index greater than function count. The script will not run anymore. Continue running the executable? [yes] [no} 

I clicked yes, he said

 Where did you get that! The armor you wear is @sacred# to our Order.  You @shal#l be punished with blood!  Goodbye.

Another error message in a dialog box appeared.

 Compile and Run problem was found in Greeting "Greeting 0" 

At which point I chose to abort the Morrowind program.

Just thought I'd give someone a headache for the next hot fix  ;)
you might want to move this to bugs.
UESP editor Kalevala,