About Tamriel Rebuilt

This page contains links to handy information about Tamriel Rebuilt.

Modders Wanted!

Modders Wanted! We need your help! This page is a running tally of the type of modding help we need, with links to the relevant threads. If you’re thinking about joining TR, this is the place to look.

Pipeline & Progress Report

Pipeline & Progress Report: Our production schedule, or pipeline, is our guide to how we are designing and implementing each part of our mod. These pages contain an explanation of our pipeline, and a progress report that is kept up to date for each region.

Meetings & IRC

Meetings & IRC: We have weekly or bi-weekly public meetings online to discuss progress and make plans. This page contains information where and when the meetings are and also the meeting recordings & notes. This is also where information about our IRC channel is. The meetings, IRC, and the forums are where almost all of our discussion takes place, and are all open to the public.

This handbook is still under construction. If you have questions, feedback, or would like to help improve something you see in here, please post on the Forums or visit us on our IRC channel.