Announcing a major change in our release structure – please read

In an effort to make our content both finished and unfished more accessible to the public, we are phasing out our current system that bills our content into major “releases” in favour of a model that allows content to be released more gradually and frequently.

Starting from our next update/release (which should come soon), we will no longer be releasing content based on the “eight major releases” plan. Given the lengthy (and increasinly non-linear) nature of TR's development, we have decided that our prior approach no longer suits our needs or desires to release content to you in a timely fashion.

Instead, we will be taking the approach of simply adding onto the main download as we finish areas, wherever and whenever they become playable. You will be recieving bite-sized chunks of our content gradually as we progress towards completion. We are moving to a single release/update stream where both minor bugfixes and additions will happen simultaneously. So rather than say a major “Almalexia” 1.0 release, followed by subsequent bugfixes, you will get a single update with a snapshot of all progress. Some updates will be major, and some not as much. Think of it as your operating system updating itself throughout the course of its' life. This should reduce the confusion and consolidate all releases from now on. Any land additions to the main file will be marked and emphasized in the changelog.

We are also merging our Alpha and Main releases in the same stream, instead of releasing them seperately and at seperate times. Each iteration of Tamriel Rebuilt's public release will include the Main ESM file containing our playable content, as well as the optional Alpha ESP containing our unfinished content. As content in the latter becomes playable, it will migrate into our Main ESP. Bundling both files together will help reduce file incompatibilites with users who choose to use both files. It is recommended that if you wish to use the Alpha however, that you do so with something other than your current savegame, as it's strictly for playtesting and experimental purposes only.

Finally, all future builds of Tamriel Rebuilt will be versioned based on the year and month of that update/release. So if an update/release happens on August of this year, the build number would be 14.08 (quite similar to Ubuntu's release scheme). Should hotfixes need to be released for major issues, the specific day will also be fixed to the version number. The names originally intended for our major releases will still be used as codenames to mark major milestones (like the completion of Almalexia or the the Thirr River). Hopefully this numbering scheme will make it much easier to keep track of progress, and ensure one always has the latest version of TR installed.

Our next update will include all fixes that were meant for “Sacred East 1.6”, as well as a updated version of our current Alpha file including the remainder of our Skyrim border regions. Beween this and the main file, come next update, pretty much all of our content (finished and otherwise) will have been made available to the public (with the exception of the city of Almalexia proper) More details to come.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you enjoy playing TR!

-The Tamriel Rebuilt Team