Forum Update

It's almost been a year since the last news update, but we've been chugging along below the radar. Enough time has passed since our structure overhaul so that we can see what has worked out well and where we need to make further improvements and adjustments, and this short update will focus on a few examples of the latter:

While the more open Lead Developer/Senior Developer system has generally been an improvement over the prior, more secretive and exclusive management structures, some organizational work -- such as posting news updates -- has fallen by the wayside in the transition between management. We are working on amending that -- our tumblr page which has long been inactive has been revived for instance -- but still have a ways to go.
The move to the new website and restructuring of the forums has also never really been completed. As far as the latter is concerned, at least, we're working on it right now. We've fixed permissions, consolidated the antiquated forum categories, forums and sub-forums, and have begun the process of moving obsolete threads to the now-visible forum archives and replacing all the ancient and convoluted stickies that are littered about the place.

So in short, the forums and website are still a mess, but we're sorting things out and will keep you posted. Once we're done, TR will be cleaner and more accessible as a website, a forum and project. Thank you for your understanding.