Guidelines for Exterior Showcases

Showcases must be made by all modders who work directly in the Construction Set and want to claim exterior, interior, or questing claims. Everyone else does not need to and should not post a showcase thread; check the Modding Guides instead.

Showcases should all be posted in the Showcase Forum.
You should post exactly one showcase thread, in which you can display however many of the three types of showcase you would like.

If your showcase has not been officially reviewed or it seems to be taking a while, please bump the thread as a reminder. Sometimes we forget!

Before posting an exterior showcase, please make sure you are familiar with our Exterior Tutorial.

Exterior Showcase Guidelines

Exterior modders create the landscape and all exterior spaces, including the wilderness, underwater, and city areas. Everything in an exterior cell, save for NPCs, are placed by exterior modders.

To make a showcase, post an esp in which you have designed an exterior cell. Pay attention to the following:

  • Placing statics correctly
  • Editing the heightmap
  • Placing ground textures so they blend correctly
  • Pathing