Guidelines for Quester Showcases

Showcases must be made by all modders who want to work in exteriors, interiors, and questing. (That is: anyone who wants to do work directly in the Construction Set.) Everyone else does not need to and should not post a showcase thread; check the Modder’s Guide instead.

You should post exactly one showcase thread, in which you can display however many of the four types of showcase you would like.
If your showcase has not been officially reviewed or it seems to be taking a while, please bump the thread as a reminder. Sometimes we forget! Showcases should all be posted in the Showcase Forum.


Quester Showcase Guidelines

Quests are designed in the quest forum or in the asset browser, but the job of actually implementing these quests into the game with the Construction Set is done by questers. Questers will write the dialogue and journal entries for those quests, or implement already written lines.

To make a showcase, post an esp in which you have implemented a quest. Post a brief description of the quest as well. If you would like to implement an unclaimed quest as your showcase, please inform someone by posting on the forum or Discord chat.

We look to make sure:

  • Dialogue obtained in the game is appropriate to the situation
  • Journal progress is recorded, and the quest progresses when the right conditions are met
  • The quest closes correctly when completed
  • The plugin (.esp file) is clean.

On how to clean files, see the TESAME tutorial; for more information on what can be dirty in a quest mod, expand below: