Hlaalu Characters & Questlines

Important Characters

Chancellor Falena Narusa (Narsis): The leader of House Hlaalu, a ruthless and cunning woman who loves to garden and lives in a modest house in Narsis. Often scheming out-of-sight, she took the House by surprise by being the first member outside the Hlaalu family to hold the post.

Council Elector Ivul Hleryn (Ud Hleryn): Controlling one of the most powerful enterprises in

the House, his power is derived from control over the strategic port of Uld Hleryn, which straddles the mouth of the River Othrleth as it empties into the Thirr. He controls a significant amount of trade infrasturture in the area,  levying taxes on goods passing through from Cyrodiil. He also profits from the region's numerous breweries.

Council Elector Atran Oran (Oran Plantation): Oran is a pragmatist, and is one of the few councillors who have taken a lack of interest in the power struggles within the house. He sees himself as a self-made mer, who happens to own one of the largest cornberry plantations in the Thirr River Valley. That being said, he does not shy away from oppurtunities in expanding his own personal wealth, often conspiring with other factions to do so.

Council Elector Fethas Hlaalu (Narsis): The brother of the previous Chancellor, Fethis is not one who forgets slights easily. He is still seething with resentment after his brother, Naril, was ousted by Flaasi Narusa. He will seek every oppurtunity possible to find out how this woman came to power, and restore the Hlaalu name to a leadership position.

Council Elector Tharsa Omayn (Narsis): Tharsa Omayn is one of many prominent families in Narsis, and like many, has their sights set on the Chancellor position. Unlike her more ruthless compartiots though, Tharna has a soft side which she uses to hide her true motivations.

Council Elector Dram Bero (Vivec):  Dram Bero is a recluse who sees a much larger threat looming, and does not take any interest in the machinations of the Council Company. He is currently in hiding somewhere on Vvardenfell.

Council Elector Orvas Dren (Dren Plantation): Head of the Comonna Tong and brother to the current Duke of Vvardenfell, Orvas Dren (like Dram Bero) sees more than most, however, he is willing to use these facts to his own gain. He is vehemently opposed to any foreign involvement in the House, and will do anything in his power to undermine them wherever possible. He was forced by the Company to move away from Narsis some time after the Armistice over a particular incident regarding the Imperial Proconsul.

Council Elector Llaasa Indarys (Kragenmoor): Llaasa Indarys is the second-cousin to the current Duke of Cheyden's Hall. Her family's cross-border connections have given her an edge in the comepetition for trade and enterprise in Kragenmoor.

Council Elector Edayn Sadras (Shipal-sharai): Edayn Sadras is a relatively new addition to the company executive. Desecending from a family of Shipalese yeomen, he has made his fortune selling protection for caravaners travelling the dangerous passes of the Shipal-shin. He is a dissenting voice in the Company, prefering honesty and openness in a culture which relies on facades and deceit.

Council-Elector Eoli Freixaal (Kragenmoor): A ruthless Nibenese merchant of considerable wealth and connections who has gone native. She is utterly fearless and without mercy, and is willing to employ force to coerce other merchants to do her bidding. She is bitter rivals with the Indarys family, who she sees as Colovian puppets.

Council Elector Tholer Andas (Andothren): Tholer Andas is one of the most powerful shipping magnates in the province, controlling a good portion of trade in the Inner Sea from the port-town of Andothren. It is rumoured that he has links to Comonna Tong smuggling in the area. He is also thought to have distant relations with the Andasril Family, who once ruled the area prior to the Armistice and House Hlaalu. He is a sociopath, and most of his interests are not in any way related to the house at large, but himself. He eventually becomes the player's sponsor (of course in a ploy for his own gain, but somewhere along the questline this backfires spectacularly).

House Peers

Crassius Curio: Ecentric man, associated with Tholer Andas somehow.

Yngling Half-troll: A nord who pretends to be an idiot, but has ulterior motives.

Velanda Omani: Dren's woman.

Nervana Ules: Dren's woman.

Lllanu Raran: Incompetent, owns the port of Indal-rhun, has some shady deal with Oran and is essesntially being used by him.

5  in Narsis/Shipal (all dunmer )

3  in Kragenmoor (2 outlanders )

2  in Andothren (1 outlander )

  1. in Balmora (Odai Manor): somehow tied to the Caldera intrigue.
  2. in Othreleth (1 in Seryn, 1 owning a brewery somewhere in the countryside ).