Individual Faction Meeting Template

  1. First, quickly go over the rough outline of the faction.
    1. What is their name and its common shorthands?
    2. What is their niche in the world?
    3. Who is ruling them?
    4. How is the faction organised beneath the rulership level?
  2. What is their outline?
    1. Who founded it? When?
    2. Why do people join them? What do they do for their members?
    3. What factions splintered off of them?
    4. Do they have internal factions?
  3. What are they doing?
    1. How do they sustain themselves?
    2. What is common knowledge about them?
    3. What do members know about their faction that outsider don't?
    4. What dirty secrets do the in-the-know people know?
    5. What are the three most notable events in faction history?
    6. What happened to them during and after the Armistice?
    7. What happened to them during and after the Simulacrum?
  4. How are they represented in game?
    1. Do they own settlements or buildings in other people's settlements?
    2. Do they have faction guards?
    3. What notable holdings do they have? Where is their seat of power?
    4. What active border or holding conflicts do they have?
    5. What other factions hate or love them? Why? How is that represented?
    6. Which of their members is an Elder Council member (Red or White Chorus)?
  5. What is the future outline?
    1. How is the faction represented in the vanilla game, assuming it is?
    2. What is the rough outline for a faction plot?
    3. What are the rough outlines for local plots? How do they tie into the global plot?
    4. What conflicts exist that the player cannot resolve?
  6. What bonus and fluff is there?
    1. Do they have mascots or favorite colours?
    2. Who was the current ruler's predecessor and what were they like?
    3. What notable previous rulers or members should the player be told about?