Individual Region Meeting Template

Individual Region Meeting Agenda/Template

Meeting 1: Conceptualization

  1. First, quickly go over the current implementation of the region. This stage is about taking stock of what we have to work with.
    1. what does it currently look like
    2. what is in it. (Settlements? Whose?)
  2. What is the general purpose of the region? Why does it/should it exist?
    1. What is its narrative role?
    2. What is going on there? (ie. is it challenging wilderness, or does it play an important role in commerce, pilgrimage, etc.?)
  3. What is the identity of the region? This stage is about establishing the general appearance of the region.
    1. Who inhabits the region?
    2. What are they doing there?
    3. Who used to inhabit the region (especially before the War of the First Council)?
    4. What did they do there?
    5. How densely populated (and where) is the region?
  4. What is the layout of the region? This stage is about discussing the implementation of the region in broad strokes.
    1. How would the things within the region (dungeons, settlements) be arranged?
    2. How do we want the player to experience the region in-game?

Meeting 2: Interior & Exterior Implementation

  1. What changes need to be made to bring the exterior of this region up to date?
    1. What assets that we currently have should get used?
    2. What existing assets need to be modified?
    3. What new assets (models/textures) need to be made?
    4. What CS work needs to be done?
  2. What sort of interiors would this region have (caves, tombs, etc), and in what proportions?
  3. How many of each type of interior are needed?
  4. Guidelines for the appearances of the interior (tileset, assets to use/avoid)?
  5. Brainstorm/start a thread on the forums for “blurbs” for the interiors