Introduction to Modding

Welcome, new and returning members! Tamriel Rebuilt is looking for help and contributions from people of all kinds and all skill levels. For most types of help, you can jump right in! A few require as showcase, as explained below. Feel free to try your hand at multiple categories, but be sure to read the guidelines first! If none of the listed activities look like something you can do, don’t worry; Tamriel Rebuilt is always looking for feedback and ideas from the general community.

Once you know what you want to do, check out the forums, the progress report, and the Modders Wanted page to see what we're working on right now and need help with.

You can find general information about Tamriel Rebuilt on our About page.

Before posting, please read the relevant guidelines listed in the Modder’s Guide.

Happy Modding!

Asset Creation

Asset creation is where the game assets are thought up and made, starting from drawing concepts, to making models, textures, and animations. Sounds, voices and music also happen here. Asset creation does not require a showcase; instead, anyone can contribute.

Concept Artist
Concept artists make artwork to illustrate new ideas. This includes atmospheric art, maps, pictures of potential new plants and animals, pictures of pants, houses, wheels, you name it. If it's a new idea, particularly a new asset, concept artists draw it.

Modelers make and edit models for Tamriel Rebuilt, based off of concept art or their own ideas. Everything you see in Morrowind, from pants to trees to houses, was made by a modeler. Modelers also prepare the model to be animated and textured.

Animators make animations for models and fix up existing animations. They are essential for any model that moves or changes.

Texturers create images that are applied onto the surface of models like a skin, to give the models their final in-game appearance. Texturers are called upon to edit old textures and make new ones for models.

Sound Artist
Sound artists create music, in-game sound effects, ambient sounds and voice files.


Construction is what most people think of when they think of modding: putting things together in the construction set. This is where we make the environment and cities players actually play in. Because the Construction Set can be very fiddly and this is what players actually interact with, promotion to developer in this category requires creation and approval of a showcase. Details are listed in the guidelines.

Exterior modders make the outside environment that players interact with. This includes wilderness, mountains, seas, and the exterior cells of towns and cities.

Interior modders make the insides of houses, caves, dungeons, and all other interior cells.

Scripters plan and write scripts for quests, activators, and anything else.

Questers implement quests in the Construction Set once the quests have been fully planned and written.

Story Implementation

Story implementation includes things like writing quests, creating new lore, and writing books and dialogue. Story Implementation does not require a showcase; instead, anyone can contribute.

Writers write and design quests and dialogue for use in the game. (Actual implementation is done by questers; one person can do both if qualified.)

Authors write the in-game literature, such as books, notes, and scrolls.

Lore Discussion
A lot of our lore and background happens through discussions on the forums, our IRC and Discord chat channels, and in our development meetings.


Administration is a catch-all term for project organization, which for any large project is vital. This includes website and forum maintenance, organizing and summarizing meetings, public relations, and quality control. If you would like to be a reviewer, you must submit a reviewer application.

Organizers help keep the site and project running, up-to-date and efficient. This includes proposing updates to outdated pages, manging meetings, keeping the website going, and the other assorted administrative work that goes with any large project. A good way to start is to head over to Project Organization, look at what sort of things are being discussed there and join in the discussions.

Testers check out content, both new and old, by examining it in the Construction Set and then playing it in-game under a variety of circumstances. Testing is something everyone can do. Bugs and asset issues should be reported in the Bug Tracker. Forum and website issues should be reported in the forums.

Reviewers do formal reviews on showcases, assets, and claims, making sure they are up to the standards of Tamriel Rebuilt so that members can be promoted and the assets and claims can be marked as finished respectively. To become a reviewer, you must have already showcased, and then submit an application. Contact a Lead Developer to apply.

Public Relations
Tamriel Rebuilt has a number of external sites and forum on which we communicate with the public and coordinate with other projects (including Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, TESNexus forums and the Bethesda Softworks Forums). These sites need to be kept updated with news, media, etc, and responses to people’s questions and comments. If you’d like to help with this, contact a Lead Developer on the forums.