Join Tamriel Rebuilt

Tamriel Rebuilt is a big undertaking. There is a lot to do, but many hands make light work and for that we need your help. If you love Morrowind and its world, if you are interested in the creation of mods or games, or if you just want a creative outlet in a lively online community, consider contributing to our project in some way. All levels of skill (beginners included!) are wanted.

What does Tamriel Rebuilt do?

If you want an overview of what Tamriel Rebuilt is currently working on, check out our Discord server, progress report, or website progress updates.

In terms of the types of work that you could contribute, here are some of the more common activities that we can always use an extra hand with:

  • Level design: With the help of Morrowind’s Construction Set, you build the exteriors and interiors that make up the world. From wilderness regions, ruins, settlements, and cities to caverns, dungeons, houses, and other buildings, these are the places that the player visits in the game. Interior making is likely the easiest way to get started with developing Tamriel Rebuilt, whereas exteriors will take a little bit more time, simply due to their size.
  • Quest development: You create the many quests and questlines for the player to undertake. In this process you create interesting characters, outline a quest design, write dialogue, and bring it to life through implementation and scripting. Another task is to fill the world with people and generic dialogue to start off quest development in an area. Quest development, likewise, is quite easy to pick up, if you have some writing skills.
  • Asset creation: Even though our project builds upon an existing game, we are always in need of new 2D, 3D, and sound assets to make the rest of Morrowind unique. Often, we are also looking to improve our older assets. Even if you don’t have these skills, there are very many resources available on the internet to get you started; our developers can you point you to them.
  • Concept art: Morrowind is a place of wonder and you have the imagination and the artistic skills to show us what it should look like. You help us visualize the world and create the designs that 3D artists work from. This includes atmospheric art, maps, pictures of potential new plants and animals, pictures of pants, houses, and wheels; you name it.
  • Writing: Morrowind has a vast fictional background and much of it is conveyed through text. You have a way with words and help us expand that world, making it even more captivating and fantastical. This may involve writing books or quest design and dialogue, though the latter is preferably paired with implementation in the Construction Set. Some types of writing may be difficult to contribute if you lack a good overview of Morrowind and Tamriel Rebuilt lore. However, we can always help you with advice!
  • Testing: Tamriel Rebuilt is huge and under constant development, meaning bugs inevitably creep in. By playtesting our in-progress content, you can help us catch the nasty things before they are released to the wider audience. Playtesters post their findings either on the claim pages or in our bugtracker.
  • Voice acting: Although Morrowind generally doesn’t voice its dialogue, there are some exceptions, especially if we wish to add in new NPC races. Hence, we do have occasional need for voice actors.

Other types of work done at Tamriel Rebuilt include conceptualization and content planning, claim/asset administration and reviewing, and public relations. These last tasks, however, are usually done by more experienced developers or long-standing members of the community.

How do I join?

Once you have figured out what you would like to help with (or even if you haven’t), we strongly encourage you to join our Discord. Most developers hang out there and are happy to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, and help you learn the Construction set, lore, or 3D art tools, depending on how you wish to contribute. This is also where our semi-weekly development meetings take place.

Most crucial, however, is to make an account for yourself on our forum, where you’ll also need to make a showcase if you’d like to work in the Construction Set and make interiors, exteriors, or quests.

Last, be sure to read the Tamriel Rebuilt Modder’s Guide.

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