Making a Simple Quest: "Kevaar Finds a Shiny"

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple quest, making use only of dialogue between NPCs. For more advanced questing tutorials, please refer back to the Questing and Dialogue Tutorial series.

So, let's get started!

Step the First: Planning Your Quest

The first step to doing any quest creation is writing out an outline of the quest. For most of you working from the claims browser, these outlines will be provided for you. Even so, it’s helpful to break it down into steps so that you know what needs to be implemented.

In general, quests follow a very simple format:
1) The player finds out about the quest and talks to the quest-giver.
2) The player does whatever the quest-giver wants them to do, such as find an item or kill a monster.
3) The player then returns for their reward, usually given to them by the original quest-giver.

Obviously, these steps can be added to, such as the player having to find more than one item, or the quest-giver giving them additional tasks, or the player having to find out about the quest by doing other quests first. These I will cover later; for the purposes of THIS tutorial, I’ve planned out a very simple quest called Kevaar Finds a Shiny. It goes like this:

1) The player speaks with Kevaar, who talks to them about a ring he found. The player offers to find the ring’s original owner.
2) The player speaks to characters around town about the ring. The player finds out that the ring belongs to Fargoth.
3) The player returns to Kevaar for their reward for finding the ring's owner.

Though this quest design could be expanded to add more twists in the plot or additional ways for the player to finish the quest, it is enough to start crafting my quest. To begin, start clicking the links below!