Making a Simple Quest Part 2: "Kevaar Finds a Shiny" Advanced

Welcome to my second tutorial in the series of learning how to make quests and dialogue! I write this assuming you have already completed my first tutorial, "Kevaar Finds a Shiny". If you haven't, I can't ensure you will understand everything I am talking about here, and can only offer you blank looks or impatient glares for not doing your homework! I will also be writing this tutorial as a series of plugins, or expansions, to the "Kevaar Finds a Shiny" quest made in the first tutorial. This means you will be working off of the completed quest from the first tutorial, so you really ought to go do your homework, don't cha know.

Adding Combat To Your Quest

The first thing I wanted to touch on was combat. Though there are plenty of interesting lore tidbits or whacky NPC personalities to discover just running about town and talking to people, my quests would quickly get rather boring if all of them were done this way. The point of an RPG is to adventure, after all!

So the first thing I want to do is go back to my basic quest design and write in a combat scene. After some thought, here is my updated design:

1) The player talks to Kevaar, who tells them about a ring he's found. He asks the player to find its owner.
2) The player asks around town, and discovers the ring belongs to Fargoth. Fargoth asks the player to get the ring back for him.
3) When the player returns to Kevaar, they find Kevaar has been cornered by a scamp. They must kill the scamp in order to speak with Kevaar.
4) Kevaar thanks the player for their help, and assures the player he will return the ring to Fargoth by himself.

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