Open Chat with Zaric Zhakaron

Hello everyone!

We recently managed to sit down for a couple of hours and have a nice chat with podcaster Zaric Zhakaron. Zaric is a wonderful person who has dedicated alot of time podcasting and reviewing games, TES in particular. His videos often offer insightful commentary on many aspects of the TES multiverse, and we were honoured when he approached us to do an interview.

It was a very fun and engaging chat, that runs well over 2 hours. We discuss a multitude of topics in the video including:

- Our thoughts on good game design.
- Our thoughts on TES and Morrowind.
- Our creative vision and process.
- The ongoing project restructure.
- Our position on changing vanilla content in the future.
- Our plans for House Dres
- A tease as to what's to come in the next few months.
- Mushrooms, cliff racers, broken microphones, and so much more!

We hope you enjoy the interview! If you love TES and/or Morrowind, be sure to send his channel some love!