Patreon Fraud

Update: The patreon account has been disabled. Thanks to Patreon and for PCGamesN and PCGamer for spreading the word.


Good news! Tamriel Rebuilt has become popular enough again that people try to run scam and fraud operations in our name.

Bad news! People are running scam and fraud operations in our name.

There is currently a link going around to a Patreon page masquerading as our official account, asking for donations to keep Tamriel Rebuilt running. This account is not affiliated with us in any way, shape or form. We do not have, nor do we plan to have, a Patreon account at all.

We have alerted Patreon to the situation. In the meantime, keep calm and do not spend money blindly!


It saddens me that even in

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It saddens me that even in the Morrowind community there are such greedy people.
At least we caught him or her that quickly. I hope Patreon will take action just as fast.

Perhaps we should set up an offcial Patreon just to avoid this in the future?
Someone who we completely trust could manage it and spend all the money we get running ads for TR.

I would avoid this. Setting

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I would avoid this.

Setting up a donation page of any kind seems like a surefire way of getting cease and desist letter from Bethesda.

Will not start speculating

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Will not start speculating here in detail, but Bethesda has its history of protecting its stuff.

I take it as given that we shouldn't make any money off TR, though. Even if that was spent on ads or whatever.

Not to mention the whole

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Not to mention the whole logistical headache of how to pay the hundreds (thousands?) of modders that have worked on this project, some of which have disappeared into the internet never to return.

About the only thing we'd need money for is keeping the website up, but...half of the leads have well-paying jobs that can cover this cost easy, so even that is a long shot.

The best donation is your time and love. Contribute your own modding, tell your friends about us!