Tamriel Rebuilt’s Development Pipeline

Since Tamriel Rebuilt is a very large project, we have a pipeline system that we use to develop our content. This pipeline system is broken down into various stages, and each section that we are working on is tagged as being in a particular stage. If you’re looking for a rundown on how far along in development we are, check the progress report.

Stage 1: Brainstorming: We collect all sort of ideas and concept art about a region, place, people, or thing. All ideas are welcome. This stage is done in the conceptualization forum.

Stage 2: Initial Planning Document: The ideas from brainstorming are condensed into a single planning document, which when done is placed in the Planning Documents for everyone to see. Comments on this document are done in the planning forum.

Stage 3: Document Improvement: Further discussion and concept art creation takes place, refining the ideas and visuals. This continues in the planning forum.

Stage 4: Finalization Meeting: The document, discussion and concept art are discussed in one or several meetings dedicated to the subject. Final decisions are made here, and are then edited into the finished planning document.

Stage 5: Implementation Planning: We make concrete plans for actually implementing the content in the Construction Set. This is done in meetings and in the planning forum.

5a: Asset creation: We decide what assets we need and make functional concept art. Assets are then made, which includes models, textures, sounds, etc. These are developed in the asset browser.

5b: Quest design: Quests set in the region are planned, designed, and reviewed. Quests of sufficient quality are slated to become quest claims.

5c: Mapping: The region is mapped and the locations and layouts of settlements and major points of interest are mapped. The heightmap is finalised. Once assets are ready, a demo esp is made.

Stage 6: Implementation: We begin work in the Construction Set, roughly in this order, with some overlap. Claims are posted in the claims browser.

6a: Exterior Claims: Claims are made and posted for the landscape, cities, and other exterior cells.

6b: Interior Claims: Claims are made and posted for houses, caves, dungeons, and other interior cells.

6c: Quests Claims: Approved quests are posted as claims for questers to implement.

6d: Claim Merging: As claims are completed, the developers in charge of merging combine each claim into sucessively larger chunks and fix any bugs that result. This is also the final content-checking stage before the content is released.

Stage 7: Released! The work gets combined into TR_Mainland.esm and is ready for the public to enjoy.