Planning Documents

Planning Documents is our encyclopedia of planning information. We use this to plan out things like the character of factions and their questlines, how our regions will look, and what assets we need. Some of the information in here may be spoilers.

Master Plan

Our master plan is our primary document, in which we describe and codify our overarching goals, structure, production pipeline, and other project-wide information. The master plan can be found here:

Tamriel Rebuilt - Master Plan


States are the political organizations of Morrowind, that control a particular territory within the worldspace. They are the Great Houses of Morrowind, the Empire, and smaller organizations such as the Ashlanders, Nordic Reavers, and Argonian tribes.


Factions are other organizations that do not control any territory. They are the various guilds and Tongs that have no strict political affiliation.


Groups are documents outlining the various demographics of Morrowind, which overlap with the various states and factions, though not always associated with them. They are the Velothi, Outlanders, and Outlaws of Morrowind.


Regions are geographic designations for an area that shares a weather pattern, assets, and visual design. Examples include the Grey Meadows, Ascadian Isles, and Deshaan Plains.


Worldspaces are towns, cities, and other planned exterior and interior locations that are not regions. Examples include Almalexia and Necrom.