[Region] Othreleth Woods


''Upon crossing the pass from Ud Chedyn and descending the high hills of Kragen Mar, any true Dunmer can be forgiven for losing themselves as they return to the land of their ancestors. To imagine how Veloth may have felt as he lay sight upon Resdayn's bounty for the first time, the winds of sorrow upon his back, gazing upon the warm land of the morrow. And here I am, where he likely stood, staring at the same sights that greeted him. One could revel in this land's beauty for an eternity. The f'lahs to the west only see a land of ash and dust. On this front, they are right. I smile though. With a haul of their finest swill in tow, the sweet smell of dust begins to fill my lungs. As I begin my descent into Othreleth's Valley, I am gently reminded once more that I have come home.''

 - Edras Sarano, Caravaner and House Contractor of House Hlaalu


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Infrastructure and Settlements

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Othreleth Woods: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewtopic.php?t=24627