[Region] Roth Roryn


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Roth Roryn is a sparsely populated region furrowed with hills and ridges, eroded grasslands and high canyons located in mid-western Morrowind. It's wedged between the wastelands of Armun Ashlands to the south, a thin stretch of the Velothi Mountains to the west and the green fields of Ascadian Bluffs to the north. Roth Roryn serves as a remnant of the past to illustrate Velothi history and the aftermath of the Hlaalu takeover of Redoran and Indoril lands. The region has never been heavily populated and has always been favoured by recluses. As of today, most of Roth Roryn's population lives at the edge of the region, especially towards the east where it opens up to the Thirr River.


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Infrastructure and Settlements

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Text dump:


Characterization: Rocky, canyon region with flat ground and rocky hills. Plenty of flat areas, not too many trees. Scattered settlements and plenty of small farms. Sparse low foliage, browny-green WG-type color scheme.


  1. What does it currently look like?

Roth Roryn is a region furrowed with hills and ridges (for the most part), eroded grasslands, and canyons (in places). It contains a river and a few smaller bodies of water, but is otherwise landlocked.

On technical implementation, some of the roads follow the slope of the landscape rather than being properly sunk (‘worn’) into the landscape, and some of the rock formations (2.0-sized rocks mashed together) and old cliff meshes appear rather ugly.

  1. What is in it. (Settlements? Whose?)

Limited Redoran settlement in the Northwest, amounting to Kartur, Bodrem and a few scattered buildings, limited Hlaalu settlement in the southeast amounting to Menaan, some plantations and scattered houses and shacks, and then a few Daedric and Dwemer ruins scattered about. Limited Ashlander presence and one Temple monastery.

What is the general purpose of the region? Why does it/should it exist?

  1. What is its narrative role?

Roth Roryn serves mostly to illustrate Velothi history. It might serve to explore the aftermath of the Hlaalu takeover of Redoran and Indoril lands as well, and (more actively) the continuing sidelining of the Ashlanders. The region has never been heavily populated and has always been favoured by recluses.

  1. What is going on there? (ie. is it challenging wilderness, or does it play an important role in commerce, pilgrimage, etc.?)

Roth Roryn is mostly challenging (upper-mid level) wilderness, with a few easterly plantations, which is also where the only trade passes through. Lots of adventuring, very few services.


  • Brown Beetle
  • Cliff Racers? - not a crazy amount
  • Crested Alit
  • Goblins - isolated instances
  • Guars - relatively limited in number, both wild individual and small, tame groups, the latter especially in open areas.
  • Kriin? (link is external)
  • Kwama
  • Netches
  • Nix-hounds (variant?)
  • Trolls - renamed from swamp troll, found in western Morrowind especially in caves along the Velothi Mountains

What sort of interiors would this region have (caves, tombs, etc), and in what proportions?
Background Info: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/old_forum/viewtopic.php?t=24936
Lots of natural caves with creatures, bandits (especially near roads), recluses and strange things. Secluded Ancestral Tombs of House Redoran (west of the Pryai) and House Indoril (east of the Pryai). It should have OM ruins (two chapels, perhaps some temples, shrines or burials), but those need better tileset/an expanded tileset, so they should be ignored for now. Some Ashlander outlaw camps (no yurts, exterior camps and bonfires only). Mines should be mostly Kwama, one Imperial Iron Mine (see below), gold rare at best, but only deep in caves, a few natural iron deposits. There should be more Velothi towers, with most of them peaceful (either in proper settlements or hermit-scholars). The rest could be filled with rats, Daedra left behind by former inhabitants, bandits, or others.
No Ashlander burials, Imperial ruins, grottos.
No additional Dwemer ruins, Daedric ruins.


1. What is the identity of the region? This stage is about establishing the general appearance of the region.

The region contains two rivers: the larger Pryai river and the smaller Roryn river. ‘Roth Roryn’ means ‘south of the Roryn’, and is the Redoran name for the region.

  1. Who inhabits the region?

The region is generally sparsely populated, with some Redoran inhabitants in the northwest and Hlaalu plantations in the southeast, and a few scattered Ashlanders.

Roth Roryn would also be home to some cave-dwelling Velothi, mostly in the vicinity of House settlements, major roads and Velothi towers (which, in the latter case, would then also be inhabited by Velothi), with less than (say) five dwellings to one cluster. (Incidentally, the region should have more Velothi towers than it does).

In Hlaalu territory there would be smugglers and other shady figures. The main road between Velothis and the rest of Morrowind does go through Roth Roryn, so one would expect bandits there as well.


There may be cultists in the the Daedric ruins of Roth Roryn, but aside from the ruin in central Roth Roryn they would not be hostile. (At least not initially). If there are any cultists in the ruin in Redoran territory, they should be closely monitored by House Redoran or the Temple.

  1. What are they doing there?

Velothi are just eking out a living, the Ashlanders are trying to stubbornly avoid assimilation, the Hlaalu are trying to establish plantations and exploit the region, the Redoran are trying to keep hold of the region and keep its inhabitants (so mainly the Velothi) safe.

  1. Who used to inhabit the region (especially before the War of the First Council)?

Before the War of the First Council, the region was very sparsely inhabited by Velothi and (in the Velothi towers) proto-Telvanni, with some proto-Redorans.

After the War of the First Council and withdrawal of most of the proto-Telvanni to Port Telvannis, the Indoril took control of much of the region. The Indoril may have built at least one chapel in the region from which to govern the local population.

After the Armistice, the Hlaalu grabbed all the former Indoril land. The Ashlanders were pushed into the region ahead of the Hlaalu settlement, and continue to be pushed into the region’s extremities.

  1. What did they do there?

Aside from the above, not very much. Roth Roryn had always been a backwater. Folks there just minded their own business for the most part.

  1. How densely populated (and where) is the region?

The region is very sparsely populated, wedged between the Armun Ashlands, a thin stretch of the Velothis and the Ascadian Bluffs. Most of its population lives at the edge of the region, especially towards the east where the region opens up.

2. What is the layout of the region? This stage is about discussing the implementation of the region in broad strokes.

  1. How would the things within the region (dungeons, settlements) be arranged?

Most settlements would be located along the major road that goes through the region, aside from the general Hlaalu plantations in the east and settlements around Velothi towers.

  1. How do we want the player to experience the region in-game?

The player would probably mostly just follow the major road through the region to get to the actual important places, but through wanderlust, quests or general adventuring should be encouraged to delve off the beaten track and hopefully get lost. The region is intended to be rather confusing, especially the central canyon bit.

The region is generally arid, unwelcoming and mid-level, by and large unremarkable, but might have some more impressive locations in its furthest reaches.

Iliath may have been the site of a shrine to Azura and some ebony mines long in the past, but that is a question discussed among scholars. After the rise of the Tribunal it was established as an Ordinator war temple in which initiates received training -- both martial and theological -- away from civilization, and as Tiber Septim turned his attention to Morrowind it was turned into a full-fledged Ordinator military base. Then the Armistice was signed, the Indoril who had supported the base were gone from the region and the area was demilitarized. Iliath lay abandoned until the IAS pitched up camp there to try and puzzle its history together again.

Iliath: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/iliath-temple-tamriel-rebuilt

Orlukh: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/mainland-vampire-clans-orlukh